It's even worse than it appears.
Yesterday I did a podcast and blog post about The View From Nowhere. I just realized that Joe Biden may be The Politician from Nowhere. I can't think of a single issue that he's associated with. Oddly I think that's exactly what we need from a president in 2021.#
New blog feature. There's now a Biden/Harris ad on the home page of my blog. In a desktop browser it's in the right margin. It was tricky on a phone, so I just had the ad overlay the page, at .5 opacity. You can still read the text underneath it, but it's better if you scroll it out of the way. A blog version of a lawn sign. 💥#
Poll: Suppose you could only subscribe to one of the following online news orgs. Which would it be? #
Today is 10/10/20. Interesting fact. It's the same in Europe as in the US. Thank you.#
I also changed my Twitter profile picture from a 2003 OPML Roadshow picture to the Biden/Harris ad. My online front lawn extends to Twitter too.#
Happy to see John Naughton quote my howto on breaking up tech monopolies. He calls it radical. It's the kind of judgment courts issue all the time. Look for ways to set things right. Make everyone whole. The web should have remained open. Google and Facebook didn't respect that. So undo what they did. It's the way a programmer looks at things, and imho that's the right way, because it's tech we're talking about setting right. Usually they don't consult techies in these things, however. #
Yesterday's Daily podcast is an eye-opener. They interview Trump supporters in the middle of Pennsylvania. They don't think Trump is racist, and that he did the best he could with Covid. #
Anytime someone is inviting me to be enraged online, I'm suspicious that I'm being manipulated. #
The net is not good at shades of grey. Or accepting different perspectives. Or compromise. #

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