It's even worse than it appears.
A new doc explains, through an example, how my Frontier-based code-writing system for JavaScript works. I started this suite about seven years ago, and have been using it ever since. It allows me to edit my code in an outliner, and use Frontier's scripting ability to distribute the results to S3, GitHub, NPM and pretty much anywhere else I want. #
The news business model is the worst. Every day I see articles I'd pay to read from publications I would not subscribe to. They're leaving so much money on the table, and at the same time want us to know how much money it costs to make news. We need to blow this whole sad system up. It somehow has retained all its stupidity through Trump's first term, and most voters still don't know this election is about autocracy. How can we depend on this idiotic elitist superior ridiculous industry to save our asses. Yet they totally control discourse in our political system. End of op-ed. #
Yesterday I put out a call for programs to binge. I got an overwhelming response. But nothing obvious emerged. Some were programs I had already tried, but didn't get far enough into to rate in my BingeWorthy profile. Others were comedies, and I'm just not into them now. Examples of shows I didn't have the energy to watch recently: Schitt's Creek and The Good Place, both of which are very good for what they are, but I'm just not in the mood now. I'm thinking I may just re-watch something from the past that I liked and think might be worth a second look. In the meantime, the lists, one on Twitter and one on GitHub are there for everyone to reference. I also want to add a recommendation algorithm to BingeWorthy, but I haven't figured out how to do it yet. #
  • Another thought re news business models.#
  • As far as I know I can still buy a single issue of say The New Yorker at an airport newsstand. #
  • Why not offer the same product on the web. Pure profit. No manufacturing or distribution cost. #
  • Important: I can buy w/o credit card, no commitment.#
  • PS: On the web, not a Kindle.#
  • PPS: I don't mind paying with a credit card, but I don't want to give the card to the news org. Use Venmo or Paypal, for example. Or Apple or Google's wallet. #

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