It's even worse than it appears.
Podcast: Marketing to White People. If Democrats marketed to white people, just a little, they could pick up another ten percent, because they don’t do any now. That could make a big diff. I've been wanting to talk about this for most of 2020, but wanted to wait for things to settle down a bit. It worked, we voted Trump out, but we can do much better, and be much stronger. This is a 20-minute manifesto, a plea, an idea that's worth listening to imho. PS: The rep I was thinking about was Elissa Slotkin. #
Will the Trumps continue to destroy the United States Postal Service now that the election is over?#
More attention than El Orange deserves, but it's funny, so wtf.#
I wish Amazon had come along with their online drug store earlier so I could have switched to it. Previously I had used CVS, and their online service was awful, and their in person service was spotty. I expect Amazon's drug store will work work like Amazon, i.e. as you would expect given that it's 2020 not 1990. I wish Amazon would go into competition with banks, so I could do my checking with them. I have an Apple credit card, btw -- and it works way better than the ones the banks issue. Perfectly integrated with my iPhone. And I use Google Fi, again, way better than T-Mobile et al. I don't know why the banks, drug stores, airlines, credit cards, you name it, can't just copy the online services, but clearly they can't. #
On March 5, I wiped the home page of my blog, replaced with: "A deadly virus is taking over the world and the United States doesn't have a government." It's still true. #

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