It's even worse than it appears.
Twitter should also disconnect Trump. This is hard for me to advocate, as one of the first bloggers and podcasters, I believe, at my core, in direct communication. But this has gone far enough. Someone said the Constitution is not a suicide pact. Neither is blogging. #
Don't be a useful idiot. Don't RT the fascists. That's why they stay on Twitter, to outrage you and your followers. If you weren't helping them, they'd stay on their own private social net. What's ironic is that some of the worst offenders are reporters whose pubs blame Facebook for the garbage news. Their own reporters are distributing the same stuff on Twitter. #
Is this true? The House isn't coming back into session until after the inauguration, and the Senate is adjourned until January 19. When was this decided? On the other hand, hard to blame them. They were locked down, trapped in the Capitol with who-knows-what kind of monsters with what weapons roaming around, and some nice officers with pistols pointed at the doors. I'd want to get out of town too, in their shoes.#
David Frum wrote a rationale and plan for removing Trump last night, which of course did not happen. Must-read.#
Some men just want to watch the world burn.#
You want the truth?#
  • A few ideas early in the day...#
    • We really need to get Trump out of the White House. Yesterday, as the riot was developing, I posted on Twitter that this coup could be successful. They will try again. And remember there are 50 state capitals in the US. Any of them could be next. I hope they're preparing for it. Esp the swing states. #
    • Impeachment? How fast could it happen? The Dems certainly have enough votes to impeach. Could they must 51 votes in the Senate to have a real trial? Could they somehow get 66 votes to convict? It may end up being symbolic, but censorship is not enough. Trump being the first president to be removed from office through impeachment would be the warning we needed at the beginning of 2020. It could give the Republican senators another chance to do the right thing. #
    • Communication. We need much better communication among all the American people. It's no longer acceptable that there be several versions of the truth. Radio Free America. It has to be less wish-washy and repetitive than Wolf Blitzer or as one-sided as Maddow. The NYT isn't it. #
    • Law enforcement. We have a big problem with the police, a lot of them are fascists, and support Trump. #
  • Front page of yesterday's NYT. #

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