It's even worse than it appears.
Trump came very close to overthrowing the government.#
It’s weird but good that Trump hasn’t figured out that he doesn’t need Twitter to broadcast his virulent trolling on the net.#
An impeachment lawyer pleading, with a cat on his head.#
Braintrust query followup: It took a couple of days of head scratching and trial and error, but I now have a skeletal JS preprocessor. #
Airpods followup. As you may recall, I lost one of my AirPod Pro's 10 days ago. I tried to order a replacement through the Apple website, but the page appears to be broken. So I compromised, and bought a couple of less expensive bud-style headphones, one from Jabra, which comes highly recommended by Wirecutter, and Skullcandy. Together they cost about what the Airpod Pro's cost. But here's the thing, both of them sound awful on my iPhone. No bass at all, all high end. So I tried them on my Pixel 4a, same thing. My hearing is fine, I tried the one remaining AirPod Pro, and it sounds great. So now I'm trying to figure out how to equalize the audio on either of these phones. I can't believe there isn't a built-in equalizer, but it seems there's not. I really got to like the AirPods, didn't think I would. I find over-ear headphones clunky now. #
If the Titanic sank today.#


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