It's even worse than it appears.
What Omar would say to McConnell. "You come at the king, you best not miss." Shot his wad. He's a nobody now. He should retire. #
I guess most people think we go back to business as usual with Congress doing more or less what it did at some point in the past. If so, I think you've got blinders on. #
  • We have bigger fish to fry with the pandemic, and it's not just good enough to defeat it, people have to feel the government defeating it. Maybe we don't have a Congress anymore. Maybe it's Biden and a fig leaf for a Congress. Clearly they can't deal with the problem of Trump.#
  • For right now, treat Congress as a museum. This is a shell of what it used to be. You have to use your imagination to see that there once was a co-equal branch of government here. Now they're a PR appendage for the executive branch. They give the MSNBC and CNN journos something to fuss over. Keeps them busy when they aren't reporting on President Biden's latest heroic battle against the virus. #
  • If the Repubs win Congress in 2022, who cares. It’s a powerless former coequal branch of government. #
  • President Biden will do as he pleases. #
  • Next up, as with the filibuster there will soon be a virtual insurrection. #
  • A fantasy presidency#
  • And then Biden renames Air Force One The Rocinante.#
  • Biden and his wily clever sidekick -- Fauci Man! ;-)#
  • Biden and Fauci and Super Veep roam the country, fighting the MAGAs and The Virus, making America safe for whatever comes next. Have to figure that part out. #

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