It's even worse than it appears.
Poll: Should Andrew Cuomo resign? 90% said yes. #
Google doesn’t care about your security, they care that Comcast and Verizon et al can’t mess with their ads.#
Poll: Do you know what you don't know?#
  • I wonder how many people calling for Cuomo's resignation know what he was accused of in any specific way.#
  • I wonder how many people calling for Cuomo's resignation have regrets about forcing Al Franken to resign in 2017.#
  • I wonder how many NY voters agree that Cuomo should resign? And if most of them don't, he shouldn't. #
  • Personally, I don't trust NY politicians, even the Attorney General. I think they're all corrupt. And I certainly don't trust the NY press, who, without dissent, has decided it's time for him to resign. That alone would be enough for me to encourage him to fight. It's not their call. They don't care what the voters think. They arrogantly think they are the public. They are not. #
  • Accusations must be litigated, to a verdict, using the American justice system, and then when there's a decision, we should talk about him resigning. He holds an elective office. His source of power isn't the approval of the Attorney General or other politicians, or journalists. His power comes from the people of New York. Their opinion is imho what matters.#
  • I don't like the Cuomo family, they've been in NY politics my whole life. They play dirty. I wouldn't be surprised if the accusations were true. But there's a difference between accusations and a verdict. We have a justice system to protect against mob rule. And this is a mob trying to rule, and the answer must be emphatically no, as it should have been with Al Franken. #

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