It's even worse than it appears.
Sunday August 22, 2021; 8:22 PM EDT
  • I tried to post this reply to Om on Twitter but it wouldn't let me. #
    • Om, the height of silo-osity was when Substack came along, they insisted that in order to use their service you had to use their editor. I absolutely refused to do that, so I had to write my own email distributer app. What a waste of effort. #
    • We have to get through to them and others. Componentize so some devs can specialize in editors and others can specialize in distribution. We can't all dominate the same world, being all things to all people. What a difference it would make if we worked together. #
    • No more shitty editors, lots of different kinds of editors for all kinds of writers. #
    • They wouldn't listen to me, but maybe they'll listen to a successful tech VC. 💥 #
  • I wrote about this problem with Substack earlier this year. #

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