It's even worse than it appears.
The way we’re responding to Covid is exactly like the way we respond to climate change. Only it’s happening much more quickly.#
I wanted to try Holly+ so I recorded a song but got "error" and did another, and also got an error. Disappointed. I thought it was a good idea. Maybe my songs weren't good enough. Oh la. #
I saw somewhere the Biden's approval numbers are down because the virus is booming. This is wrong. He's doing the job we hired him to do. Our mistake is we give up our power and responsibility and look to a parent figure to take care of us. But that's not how America works. The president isn't all-powerful, isn't a god, or even god-like. The president is a human being. We should judge the president on their honor and intelligence, and ability to listen, and we should take responsibility for our power.#
  • A "Tree Chart" in MORE, circa 1987. #
    • Organize the data in the outliner, flip a switch, see the graphic. #
    • Today you wouldn't have to do flip a switch, there's enough CPU power to automatically update the graphic view from the outline editor view as you made editing changes. #
    • I'd love to hook up Drummer to someone else's Tree Chart renderer. It would accept OPML as input, of course. #
  • I remember a couple of years ago people were confidently saying that by now the streets would be full of autonomous cars. #
  • They snickered when people like me who have spent a life programming thought that was a pretty shitty idea. Who would even want to go out for a walk with driverless cars all over the place, subject to programmers' mistakes, or the callous deprecations of platform vendors. #
  • I imagined a car plowing into a crowd and killing twenty innocent people because some idiot at Apple decided to change the order the params of an API because they felt like it, and the car software dev missed the notice and didn't update the car's OS. #
  • Oh sure I want software doing all the driving after less than two years of a burn in. Yeah that makes all the sense in the world. (Sorry for the sarcasm.)#
  • Here I am, in 1976, holding a college diploma. My parents, grandmother and brother came down to New Orleans for the occasion. They were happy because no one expected me to get a college degree. This came from my father's photo scrapbook.#

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