It's even worse than it appears.
Poll: If you're vaccinated, did you do it mostly to protect self, family or for the greater good. #
Over the past couple of days I binged season 1 of The Chair on Netflix. I liked it. It's quick, only about three hours. It's a Sorkin-like show, like The West Wing or The Newsroom, fast dialog. Fun and really pulls on the heartstrings. There's cute smart little girl, and a timely plot of a second-tier Ivy League school that reminded me that campuses can be interesting places to hang out. I gave it a 4 of 5 on BingeWorthy. #
With all the political spam I get, why didn't I get one email in advance of this event so I could help spread the world, and participate. Communication. It can't just be about raising money.#
  • Still the most annoying thing is when you switch into Twitter you get about 1/2 second to scan what's there, enough time for pictures to register, and boom it refreshes with new content. #
  • This also has another painful side-effect, if you're watching a video, it'll just refresh in the middle of it. I was intently listening to the chairman of the Fed the other day, and then part of a Grateful Dead concert, when Twitter decided enough! #
  • #
  • No soup for you! #
  • I thought -- I bet this works, so I typed it into a Drummer outline and pressed Cmd-/ and yes it did work.#
  • #
  • It's a nice feeling when:#
    • It works the first time.#
    • It does something simply that previously would have been complicated.#
    • It's as simple as possible.#
    • It can't be simplified further. #

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