It's even worse than it appears.
I love one thing about Facebook. It gives the person who posted a piece absolute power over the existence of comments. On pieces I post, I don't limit myself to deleting abusive or personal comments, I delete ornery or challenging ones too. I hate online debates. I host a debate-free environment. If you want to debate, take your business elsewhere. #
All the nasty fascist crap that's surfacing now has always been there, handed down lovingly from generation to generation. Every family no matter how good or bad, depraved, sociopathic, narcissistic, everything -- they all think they're the best, smartest, luckiest and the worst treated and unluckiest. SItting around the kitchen table listening to mom and dad philosophize about the world, it rubs off. What makes families different is how they deal with those beliefs. March, write letters, watch Maddow or Hannity. Or join the Nazi party. I don't honestly think there's anything that can be done to break this, family is the strongest force for determining our view of the world. #
I just remembered that Apple basically merged with the music industry, so it's not surprising that it's difficult if not impossible to copy MP3s from my Mac to my iPhone so I can program my own music.#
A must-read piece on abortion. "The government cannot force you to save someone else’s life against your will." #
Winter is coming. Technically it's still summer, but I'm sitting here trying to warm up for a day of work, wearing a sweat shirt and shivering. Thinking about warm climates where I can spend the winter. #
I went on a boat yesterday with friends on the Hudson River between the Rhinecliff Bridge and Saugerties. I had been on the Hudson before, but only in a much larger boat, and way south, in NYC. This was a great experience. I drank too much. Hic.#
  • I spent about an hour today doing a factoring experiment, taking a promises-based API and transforming it into a callbacks-based API.#
  • Well no surprise they're isomorphic. When you do the translation, you end up with the same thing with different names. #
  • The promises syntax is slightly more compact. A long distance to go and a lot of introduced complexity for very little gain. #
  • It's like getting nice fat clothes instead of just losing the weight. #
  • I have a philosophy in programming, one I thought was stolen from, but actually mis-attributed to Einstein, who ironically said as much in a lot more words.#
    • "Everything should be made as simple as possible, but no simpler."#
  • This is a basic mathematics thing. They're always looking for a way to find one theorum that encapsulates and makes unnecessaray two or more. A more fundamental truth. The hope is ultimately to have one concise way of saying everything. A Rick and Morty kind of idea. But why do programmers always seem to do the opposite? Solving a problem of too much complexity by adding even more complexity. #
  • I was a math major before I was a programmer, so I find this whole thing super frustrating.#
  • At some point, instigated by Drummer perhaps, I hope we will have a great debate in the JavaScript community where our respected leaders explain to us why we need any of this stuff, and we can't have a language that behaves like all others, where asynchronous bits live underneath the interface that the langauge defines for the programmer.#

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