It's even worse than it appears.
I’ve called myself a developer, media hacker, showrunner, programmer, never a coder (ugh), maker of software snacks and shitty software (with bugs). Now I’m thinking of calling myself a software factor.#
This quote, which is part of what I wrote for The Future of Text, kind of says it all, everything I've discovered and built on in my career. I guess it's the answer to the question: "What's possible with computers that most people don't know about." They posted this in a tweet at the same time I was posting one about how we fixed the big problem with JavaScript in Drummer. I love JavaScript because it's the closest thing we have to a universal language. We have Marc Andreessen to thank for that (no sarcasm!). But there's no reason JS has to be hobbled by callback hell, promises, async/await, or whatever new hack they think up next. It's not hard to factor all that out. Every other language does it. There is absolutely no reason JavaScript has to leave all that mess visible to the programmer who wants it hidden. We proved that in Drummer. Now our implementation may not be fully baked, and at least one JS guru thinks it may be too slow, all that can be fixed. I want to write straight-line code and let the runtime handle the synchronization. That's worth trading off some speed for, but I don't see why it should require that. And it's the way comptuers are supposed to work, imho. If I didn't say anything most devs probably wouldn't even notice it's there, they still might not, that's how natural it feels. 🚀#
Observed in a middle-of-the-night tweet: Drummer is working. It’s possible finally we’re moving beyond blogging as a big production. Writing publicly can be fluid, fast. And not locked in a silo.#
A frequently asked question -- where is Drummer and how much does it cost? Hopefully the link answers the first question. The About page answers the second. "You can use Drummer at no cost." Further: "Much of the software is open source." Why is it so inexpensive and will it always be that way? I don't have big plans to take over the universe. I just want to make sure that outlining, web scripting and easy, fluid blogging are not lost arts. I have been very lucky in my career, so at this point, money, at least the kind of money it takes to operate Drummer, is not an issue. So let's have fun and see where it takes us! 💥#

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