It's even worse than it appears.
I'm spending a couple of days baking GitHub into Drummer via scripting. We used to call this a "scriptable app" on the Mac, when apps were Filemaker and Quark Xpress, the Finder, stuff like that. Then when Frontier moved to the web, the apps were Eudora, Netscape, MSIE and MacHTTP, then Google and Manila, then WordPress and Twitter. Along the way came new protocols -- XML-RPC, RSS, OPML. Drummer already has excellent scripting support for Twitter. I made this a priority to have one really good scriptable app when Drummer came out. Now I'm working on the second biggie. I wrote yesterday that GitHub could be MS-DOS. What I meant is that it's basic low-cost storage for everyone with a GitHub account that's about as easy to work with as MS-DOS was. For early adopters, what we used to call power users. It's an amazing resource. And that made me think of MS-DOS because both are owned by Microsoft and storage is basically what MS-DOS did, and btw, MS-DOS is the one product they didn't use as a weapon when they were trying to usurp the web, so it has a nice taste to it, still. I have started a thread, on GitHub of course, narrating what I've got working. Watch this space.#
I put about twenty Tom Petty songs on my iPhone and have been listening to them on and off. The thing about Tom Petty is his songs are the kind that you sing in your head all the time days and days awake or in dreams. To have twenty Petty tunes co-resident means you're living the Tom Petty lifestyle, waiting for it to pass, but kind of hoping it doesn't. It's kind of like Rickrolling but with really good music. #
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