It's even worse than it appears.
Sunday November 14, 2021; 9:19 AM EST
  • Jeff Jarvis generously gave me support for the idea of using rivers in news orgs. I want to clarify that:#
    • I appreciate the support. 😄 #
    • I don't think I've ever "begged" though at times I imagine it might have seemed that way.#
    • And I haven't been promoting rivers to them for quite some time, because I think the problems are much bigger now. #
  • I think the most important thing news orgs can do to improve their service is to include ideas and perspectives from outside the newsroom, esp those that are critical of their work. #
  • I would encourage a news org to run a river of sources their reporters consider authoritative. Blogs, newsletters, and whatever new forms come up in the future. This would initially be an internal resource, but the obvious next step is to share the resource with their readers, in the interest of increasing news flow, broadening perspectives, and also introducing transparency. And perhaps most important to introduce criticism of their work to their flow, something we need and they need. If I were going to beg for anything that would most likely be it. I wrote about how this would work in more detail in May 2015. #
  • When I read yet another NYT article or op-ed about how Facebook is letting us down, I keep wondering when they're going to look at how they contribute to this problem, how their coverage of Hillary's Emails, for example, gave Trump the White House, and set the country on the path to authoritarianism. I think they did far more damage than Facebook, and not surprisingly, that has not been examined to anywhere near the extent Facebook has. This is a serious problem, and it's not going to get better in the current news system. That's where rivers could make a huge difference, if they cared enough about the service they provide readers.#
  • PS: This is what a River of News looks like. #

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