It's even worse than it appears.
A podcast about Project Glorp.#
I'd love to discuss Markdown with people who know Markdown and use Drummer. We should have a Markdown nodetype. I've been playing around with it, but I'm not satisfied with what I have yet, not ready to lock it down. Here's an RFC with a link to an example. #
  • The next Drummer-related project is called Glorp. #
  • Glorp is for you if you document projects on GitHub. It's good at managing docs across lots of projects, all in one outline. #
  • I'd like to get a small group of people who do a lot of doc-writing for GitHub to review the design and docs.#
  • If you're part of the test group, you are making a commitment to use the software, to report problems, to let us know if fixes worked. #
  • I'm looking forward to working on this software with some excellent developer docs kind of people. #
  • If you'd like to be part of the test group, please fill out this form. #
  • Glorp!#
  • PS: A podcast about Glorp.#
  • I've had my Peloton for a couple of weeks now. #
  • I've done a session every day for the last six days. #
  • At first I didn't think I wanted to do the classes, but the second time I tried a class I was intrigued, then by the third, I was hooked. #
  • The exercise on a Peloton is more than twice the exercise you get riding around the moutains on an E-bike. It's hard work going up the hills, but you get to just have fun going down, there's no work involved. So 20 minutes of Peloton riding equals 40 minutes of road riding. Only it's even more, because you're working harder. Always harder. #
  • My legs feel stronger and healthier, and overall I feel that way too. #
  • An entirely positive experience, and my idea of what exercise is about is shifting in an interesting way.#
  • And -- tomorrow I get my Tesla Model 3. So I expect some more major horizon busting is to come. #
  • Thinking of a Chromebook, for reading news over breakfast, possibly taking it with me to a coffee place to do a little writing. #
  • Running an Electron app in Linux? Is this possible?#
  • It should have a couple of USB ports, bluetooth, a nice keyboard, mike, camera, etc. #
  • Looks nice. Light.#
  • Under $200?#
  • Comment here. #
  • PS: I went with the Lenovo Chromebook Flex 5. #

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