It's even worse than it appears.
Today's song: Welcome to the Camp.#
I'm bingeing Better Call Saul, on the episode where Jimmy runs an ad to recruit old folks for his class action suit against Sandpiper. His ads are sooo good. The ads of course were written by the BCS writers. We need those kinds of ads to save America.#
If the Repubs turn America fascist, that’s the end of journalism among other things.#
You know if we start raising hell about how we don't want Trump and his Nazis and KKKers running everything, I mean really make some noise, the chickenshit reporters and Democrats might get some courage. #
Companies should stop calling us "coders." That leaves no one responsible for what the code does. We are developers.#
  • If journalism wanted to help, they would always stay in the present, talk about what Repubs are doing now to undermine democracy, and explain carefully and often what the impact of those actions will have in the future. #
  • The election for governor in Virginia was an excellent example. Journalism could have said that despite what the candidate is saying this is what Repubs do when they gain control of a state government, esp one in the South. So when you vote for the Republican, no matter how you feel about Critical Race Theory, he's doing to do X, Y and Z which are things that most Americans find hideous. And btw, the Democrats could do that too. They are awfully nice to their Republican friends. And the result is we're doomed. #
  • When Trump was first running in 2016, only one reporter wrote a story explaining what a Trump presidency would be like. They should have all been doing it. All the time. Saving ourselves begins with telling ourselves the truth, and realizing that journalism and the Democrats are not doing that. #
  • Summary of the above. Journalism should always clearly answer the question: What This Means To You. Don't run the piece until you can answer it. And maybe consider getting some new reporters who can. #
  • I don't care how it became 6-3 in favor of the fascists, that's where it is now, that's not the United States, and that's not the Constitution. #
  • It's bullshit. I don't care if the Dems don't have the votes to fix it. It's still bullshit.#
  • Bullshit is bullshit. Pretty simple folks. #

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