It's even worse than it appears..
Tesla news. I'm trading my Model 3 for a Model Y this week. The Y's were hard to get when I decided it was time to get a Tesla. The way values have been going, I'm paying very little to make this switch for cars of comparable value. The mileage on the 3 is low. And the cars are still very much in demand, it's a seller's market. I want the Y because I am tall, and getting in and out of the 3 is a pain. The Y, which has a different seating arrangement, is easier. #
  • Our politicians are such artificial people the president can’t express legit rage at what the Repubs are doing to our country. #
  • He’s reminiscing about bipartisanship, when he should be putting them down, destroying them, no compromise.#
  • Biden dreams of the Old South, the plantation and Mammy and her long underwear. He imagines himself as Rhett Butler, and Moscow Mitch as Miss Scarlet.#
  • He finally is fed up when the Trump Court nixes Roe and says in resignation to Mitch...#
  • Frankly my dear I don't give a damn!#
  • I fear for Ukraine. What happens when we decide it's over even when the war is still raging, as we have done with Covid, not caring how many people's lives will be ruined, or ended.#
  • I expect it'll be the same with Roe v Wade, until we really get woke and see the big picture. We need societal mechanisms to stay focused on what matters, and not lose focus in meaningful ways, until the problem is solved or the threat is over. #
  • Lots of other things fall into that bucket btw: climate change, regulating guns in the US, black lives matter, LGBTQ rights. We only focus briefly, leaving us vulnerable to dishonest power-hungry people who are more patient.#
  • Social networks can help, but only ones that are carefully crafted to stay focused on the goal they are assigned to. Twitter and Facebook et al were invented and bootstrapped in chaos. I understand this process as well as anyone. There are other ways to do it. #
  • PS: I posted this as a thread on Twitter. I know no one there will latch onto it, because it's not the kind of thing Twitter-the-network pays any attention to. Which is the point. The only way to get something like that going is to go first, the same way podcasting and RSS and blogging before it got started. Do it until it seems obvious, and then there's a FOMO, and let the people with the loudest voices pretend they were there at the beginning. All those things have to happen. So we're a long way from being able to work together, but until we start, we'll still be mired, and the people who think and act long-term will keep running everything. #
  • Richard Nixon used to say his mother was a saint.#
  • I always thought that was weird, because I could tell she was not a saint, because you have to be pretty fucked up to raise a Nixon.#
  • Nixon hated himself, you could tell. #
  • Where do you think he learned that?#
  • PS: Watching the video I'm reminded he was also a human being. #
  • My mother was born in 1932 and died in 2018. #
  • She did a lot of good in her life. #
  • She got a PhD at age 50 after raising two kids. #
  • She was active in political causes, from school integration, to getting buses to stop running their engines while parked at the Main Street bus depot, to planting trees in the neighborhood we grew up in. #
  • She spoke English like a native even though she was born in Prague.#
  • She was my mother and I loved her and I still to this day want her love. #
  • She did the best she could. #
  • Mom with cat, knitting#

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