It's even worse than it appears..
Poll: Are you blocked by someone whose tweets you want to read, so you go to extreme lengths to read them even though you're blocked?#
An RSS-related question. Suppose I have a subscription to the NY Times (I do). And I'm using a traditional feed reader to browse their top stories. A mailbox-style reader. Here's a link to just that. Why can't I have the full text of the article in the right panel of the reader? Remember, I'm a paid-up subscriber, so I'm not trying to pirate their content, I'd just like to read it along with the other pubs I care about without a lot of ads and other stuff. I suppose I'd have to pay more for it?#
There is no "standards innovation paradox," at least as far as I can tell from reading this piece by Michael Mignano, who started a podcast-making company and sold it to Spotify. Podcasts are RSS 2.0 feeds with enclosures that contain the podcast content. Anything that doesn't use a feed to distribute the audio isn't a podcast, and shouldn't use that name. Eventually Spotify will regret diluting the meaning of the name, the same way I'm sure Microsoft regrets trying to suck the web into Windows. When a new medium has so much momentum, it's best for the dominant company to just let it grow around them, and support it, and reap most of the profits. If you fight it, you'll get lost in the noise, no matter how big you are -- imho. This only applies if the new medium is very strong, as podcasting is today. For more, see this thread started by Priyanjana Bengani of Tow Center, and my response. "Simply support the standard and develop whatever features you want outside of the standard." I'd also recommend looking to see if anyone did it before you and try to be compatible with it -- and if you do -- you just created a new standard. It's just evolution. A lot of things have to be right for it to happen, and when it does, please -- don't get in the way, it's a miracle. 😄 #
NFTs are the new domain names.#
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  • People who say we shouldn't criticize Dems are crazy.#
  • We're losing on every front and all the Dems have to say is we need to vote so they can codify reproductive rights, which is, sad to say only a small part of the problem, a symptom of the disease, not the disease itself.#
  • The Democratic leadership has yet to commit to doing anything about all the other chaos that the Supreme Court has inflicted on us. It's not good enough to bring back reproductive rights, we have to neutralize all the other attacks as well. #
  • As a voter, citizen, taxpayer, human being -- this is unacceptable. If the current leadership of the Democratic party can't get this together, now, then we must act quickly to get new leadership. We don't have any time to waste. #

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