It's even worse than it appears..
Poll: What if Twitter users banded together and bought $TWTR.#
The OPML package is pretty stable. I'm using it in all my JavaScript browser and Node projects. It would be great if people would port it to other environments. Make it easy to do a great job of supporting the format used for outliner interop and RSS subscription lists.#
Must-watch video of Rudy Giuliani hugging and kissing Ashli Babbitt's mother at a fund raiser for Jan 6 terrorists. #
Inside your head is a thing called the subconscious that's primitive, has little understanding of the world. It mainly sees you, and projects all its memories on you. It's looking out through your eyes the same way you view the cosmos. WIth awe but little actual understanding. #
I had a doctor who retired recently who always referred to me as a friend. I never doubted her sincerity, and it was a really good thing to do because it reminded me at a conscious and subconscious level that there was trust between us. It's a given. If you can't trust your doctor, you need to get a new doctor. So I've started to do that in my own mind as I narrate projects to myself. Okay that's done my friend. Let's figure out what's next friend. My friend this is a hard problem. I just add the punctuation to remind myself that I trust myself, I'm doing something I'm good at, and know it. It really does manage the mood of my subconscious, it's reassuring. I got this, really means we got this. #
This fucker is using our twitter to send dog whistle orders to rioters on when they should hit the streets.#
Some people just wanna argue. You can assume I'm wrong if it makes you feel good. I honestly don't give a fuck. Have a nice day. 😀#
How many MAGAs fit in a tweet?#
A friend who was an early blogger sent me a link to a story about how blogging came about and no mention was made of how blogging actually came about. He thought I should give them hell. It's the way it goes. All we are is dust in the wind. The journey is the reward. Live in the moment. It is what it is. Yadda yadda. #
We should all be fired up to vote Democratic thanks to the Dobbs decision and all the other rights the Supreme Court is poised to remove from all of us. This is not just about women's rights, not even close.#
  • People think so linearly about the Knicks. #
  • There are quite a few players out there with the potential of Donovan Mitchell to lead a team to dynasty. #
  • Think of what the Knicks have to offer a potential trader. The Knicks bench is filled with potential like few others are. We've got a stockpile of draft picks. And the Knicks and the Garden and the talent are starting to get interesting to players. Like the way they want to go to Duke or Kentucky. #
  • The Knicks are the un-Nets. The Knicks are building, not trying to buy a post-season powerhouse. Look where that approach got the Nets. What a mess! 😀#
  • So sit tight, this is not the end of the dream of what those kids on the bench could become. They can become lots of things, not just Donovan Mitchell. #

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