It's even worse than it appears..
BTW, Trump wasn't banned from Twitter for being right-wing. He was banned for organizing an attack on the US govt, openly, using Twitter. No one on the left has done that, despite what some idiotic Murdoch-employed pundit said on the BBC this morning. Someone in journalism ought to ask Musk about this, btw. Or at least raise the issue. Is it okay to use Twitter to organize acts of violence?#
Yesterday I wrote: "Why would I leave Twitter? It's like living in NY and not taking the subway. Sure it's dirty and smells bad, but it's how you get places." From this certain people concluded that I was in favor of Musk buying Twitter. Geez I hope you don't write code with that logic. I was having a Twitter conversation with Ben Smith, editor in chief of Semafor, and he volunteered he was staying with Twitter, "going down with the ship," he said. And Sarah Kendzior, a pundit and brilliant, creative thinker, said she lives in Missouri, and if she can handle that (it's the state that sent Josh Hawley to the Senate), she can handle Twitter no matter how awful its management. I'm with Smith and Kendzior. Also, having started on Twitter in 2006, and having contributed its foundational ideas, and as one of the shareholders Musk bought out, I'm anxious to see how this goes. I didn't quit when Dick Costolo was CEO, it's hard to imagine that Musk could be any worse. #
Today is the first day that Elon Musk owns Twitter. It's also the first day that I'm not allowed to wear a contact lens in my right eye because I have to get my lens replaced at the end of November, and to get the measurement for the new lens you have to not wear the contact for two weeks. My appointment for the measurement is in two weeks, hence no contact lens starting today. For most people this would not be a problem, just wear glasses, but I already have the lens replacement in my left eye, so the glasses I'm wearing have nothing for the left eye and a strong correction for the right. I existed this way for a number of years, and kind of got used to it, but hated it. And today, having worn the contact lens for years, this arrangement not only makes my vision deceptive it also makes me nauseous. But I will, somehow, get through this. I'm worried about driving though. I guess at this time I'm kind of glad to have a Tesla Model Y with FSD. I'm sure I'll have more to say about this. :glasses:#
BTW, owning a Tesla does not make me a Musk fan-boy. I bought it before I knew much about Musk, a year ago. It's amazing how in-your-face he's become in the last year. #
Edward Snowden said today, on Twitter, something very wise and imho true. "Platform censorship had clearly gone too far. Content moderation should be an individual decision, not a corporate prison. Let people make their own choices — and not just on Twitter." Indeed. Twitter already has good tools for individuals to systematically ignore posts from Trump, for example. Just block him, something I did in 2016. But I can't stop people from RTing him, even when he is banned from Twitter. They post screen shots. I need a way to block that bullshit too. I do not want to hear anything from Trump. I don't give a shit if he's a former president. That used to be a title of respect, but Trump cashed that out, and a lot of other good stuff about the US, a long time ago.#
  • Guess we know how it went. #

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