It's even worse than it appears..
Monday January 2, 2023; 5:08 PM EST
  • Here's a Google search for BOTY. #
  • After naming Heather Cox Richardson as my BOTY for 2022 yesterday, I got a nice link from Joe Trippi, a famous political campaign manager and a good human being, saying this means something, and that led to a nice thank you from Ms HCR herself. Now I'm a nobody compared to her, but she was so gracious -- it made we wonder if grace is part of what makes someone a great blogger. #
  • When I think of great blogging I think of Julia Child. She was on a mission to teach everyone who would listen about French cooking. She would never miss an opportunity to praise someone for giving it a try. In the same way HCR believes in American democracy, and that appears to be the source of her grace. It certainly is a consistent theme through all her posts, podcasts, and the one book of hers that I have read. #
  • BTW, I used the word "sass" to describe some of her blogging. I was thinking about the way she talks about Thomas Jefferson. It's good. It says to me, a person who got a fairly standard education in American History from New York public schools, that these founders that we all iconify and think were so great, actually were people, and some of them were not beyond reproach, like Jefferson. That's the source of my use of the term in yesterday's post.#

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