It's even worse than it appears..
I've been using Facebook for many years. Even so, I've never figured out how to navigate the basic structure. I want to see all the comments I've posted in reverse chronologic order. Where is that command? Then it hit me, they need ChatGPT as the UI of their product. Let's give it a try. "In Facebook, how do I see a reverse chronologic list of all the comments I've left on other people's posts?" Here's the result. I tried it, got the list, edited a message. This solves a huge design problem in software. How to simplify complex software so people can feel more in control. #
A few days ago I asked Brent Simmons where we go to talk about ideas for making our products work together in interesting new ways. Where do we go to congregate? I just watched a fantastic documentary about Laurel Canyon in Hollywood in the 60s and 70s, near Sunset Strip, which had lots of bars, for all kinds of music and the musicians who made the music. Lots of famous names. People who created a generation of pop music, with lots of collaboration. This is a necessary component for tech. When I first arrived in Silicon Valley in 1979, I kept looking for the pulse of the place. Where do people meet up. And within hours I found Ken's House of Pancakes on El Camino in Menlo Park was a good place. There was Siam Garden also in Menlo Park. Chef Chu's in Los Altos. Rossotti's in Portola Valley and of course Buck's if you like VC. For a few years, my yard in Woodside was a frequent party place. I am amazed by all the people who came to BloggerCons. Okay so now we're on the web, we've been here for 30 freaking years. Where do you go if you have an idea you want to share ideas with other developers, who may not develop for the same platform, or work for a large company. This is missing. At one point the discussion group on this blog served that purpose, but it was taken over by trolls, of course. But nowadays we have less crazy ideas about "free speech" and know how to ruthlessly dispose of trolls. I'd like to figure this out. #
I'm always looking out for good clip art for my blog. An example: Sarah Sherman playing a TV host caught on a roller coaster for 19 hours. Sally Field on Letterman, and a cartoon image of President Carter. #

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