It's even worse than it appears..
Thursday April 6, 2023; 11:30 AM EDT
  • Yesterday I posted about the new linkblogging capability in FeedLand. #
  • It was always the plan to add this to FeedLand, but I moved it up because someday soon I expect Radio3 to stop working because it depends on the Twitter API for identity, and they seem to be breaking devs all the time these days, but so far not Radio3. #
  • Rather than converting Radio3 to email identity, I decided to move its core features into FeedLand which already has email identity. It took a few days, and they were mostly enjoyable, because I do dialog stuff much better today than I did when I wrote Radio3, which was a long time ago! It totally needed a rewrite. #
  • But -- for now I'm continuing to use Radio3, because it can post to Twitter and Mastodon, and anyone who's subscribed to that feed should keep subscribing. I never like to rock the boat, too many other things worth doing, and maybe Twitter will never break Radio3. It could happen. #
  • In the meantime as far as I can tell Radio3 still works.#
  • Now the day that Radio3 stops working, at least this is some work I won't have to do. I will have a linkblogging tool ready to go.#
  • And no one will be bothered by my Radio3 feed going quiet because nothing was going out that way anyway.#
  • And FeedLand's linkblogger will be infinitely better than Radio3 because it works. ;-)#
  • So my advice is, don't depend on FeedLand for linkblogging if you already have your Radio3 act together.#

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