It's even worse than it appears..
Today's song: In Your Eyes.#
As a side-project I'm getting a bridge going between my world and, as a way of rebooting BingeWorthy which I miss dearly. That's where I'm headed. Anyway, last week I thought it worked, but hadn't tested the accessToken WP returns, and it was getting mangled going back and forth to my server. I've worked that out today. I think it's going to be relatively smooth sailing from here, but I thought that a few days ago too. Praise Murphy. #
To anyone who thinks ChatGPT is useless, have a look at this transcript of a programming session I just did. If you know anything about programming, you can see a really high quality collaboration going on here. Of course I am communicating with the AI. It's brilliant, as smart at programming as I am. Seriously. #
Someday there will be a new twitter-like service with one feature that will blow the doors off this hugely dormant product area. Just support Markdown in your posts. That's it. (Wait there's more. Let's get a really nice RSS feed going for your service, just copy the design we did for Bluesky) and that'll be the knockout punch. Now federation becomes as simple as supporting these two features. No complex server stuff. Low tech and weblike.)#
I've been writing about future-safe archives for many years, a way to put down $10K or so, and guarantee best efforts to keep my web presence going long after my death. But I expected it would be implemented by a long-lived university with the help of an insurance company, which is by definition a long-lived entity. It's good that Automattic is thinking about this (there is no published plan, so far just an idea), maybe they'll seek a partnership with Harvard or Oxford, or Lloyds of London. #
I've removed the Giuliani and Trump mugshots from the home page. The archive pages are still there. Too disturbing. #
  • It's 1994...#
  • Press: No one is making Mac software.#
  • Dave: We are!#
  • Press: Everyone knows no one is making Mac software. #
  • Dave starts blog.#
  • I was a bit drunk the other night, waiting for a shuttle bus at the enormous hotel complex I was staying at and the bus didn't arrive after an hour of waiting, and the light inebriation had turned into an annoying headachy feeling leaning toward a hangover. Sitting on the bench waiting for the shuttle while nice families and happy people went by made me feel more and more like an unhoused person, sprawled on a sidewalk in Manhattan. #
  • I returned to the hotel lobby, a total of three times while waiting, asking them to call the shuttle bus driver again, but on the third time they said the hotel manager would drive me to my room himself. (The room was a 10 minute drive, who knew how long a walk.) So he comes out and asks me questions to identify myself I guess to be sure I was entitled to a ride, and in answering his questions, which I felt were rude given that I had been waiting for his freaking shuttle bus for over an hour at this point (and I didn't say freaking, I said the impolite word it stands for) while I was listening for an apology which never came, which is probably part of the reason I was so irritated. #
  • Later when we were seated in his SUV he told me that I needed to be "civil" and not use f-bombs (I was sitting quietly at the time waiting to be taken to my freaking room so I could get over this hangover that was forming) and that was enough for me. #
  • I paused and said the kind of thing you wished you would have said at the time but I never had the guts before to say. Use your imagination. He got out of the SUV and left me sitting there. I don't know what he expected me to do. I eventually got out of the SUV and saw that the lost shuttle bus had finally arrived, and I got on it, and the manager once again lectured me on proper social behavior, from outside the bus, and I looked at him and told him to literally get lost. #
  • The driver then drove off, and we had a mostly pleasant converation where I explained what an asshole the manager was, noting that the driver did not disagree. #
  • And btw, for the record I stayed at the hotel for two nights for over $1000. So I felt I was entitled to a certain amount of respect, if not for being a human being, for paying so much money to stay at such a shitty hotel. #
  • PS: A Conde Nast reviewer liked the hotel. Some people are really easy to please I guess. #

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