It's even worse than it appears..
One thing that didn't come up at the Berkman reunion, as far as I know, was the incredible coincidence that at the same time we were booting up academic and political blogging and podcasting out of Berkman on Mass Ave, on the other side of Cambridge St, Mark Zuckerberg and his undergrad pals were booting up what would eventually make them billionaires, aka The Face Book. What if we had met, or known about each other? #
I just tripped over a 2018 rewrite of Developing Better Developers. I remembered writing this, but never could find it. I need to tell Google when I search for to also include If anything the bits on are more important than the ones on the much larger I could give these instructions, just like this, to ChatGPT and it would understand. It seems to me Google could start allowing us to configure the way Google sees us using natural language like this. Google has really held back the open web, by doing what big companies always do when they achieve dominance. Things ether stagnate or more likely in Google's case, move backwards. #
Something happened on the drive to Boston last week that makes we wary of trusting the FSD feature of my Tesla model Y. I was on the NY State Thruway going north, a few miles south of the exit for I-90E to Boston, in FSD mode, in the right lane, when I see a hundred yards or so ahead a car with flashing lights in the shoulder. Before waiting to see what FSD would do, I signaled a left turn, which is a clever feature that tells the FSD software to switch lanes. It started to do so, then the software must've noticed the car with the flashing lights and inbetween the two lanes it hit the brakes hard, and slowed us down to a dangerous speed, esp if there had been a car behind us. But there was absolutely no danger. The car in the shoulder wasn't even close enough to make a difference if we had remained in the right lane, but we were leaving it. And it tried to stop us in no man's land. Insane. Anyone seeing this behavior would have thought I was drunk. So next time something like that happens if I'm in FSD mode, I'm going to cancel it by turning the steering wheel slightly and taking over fully. I have trouble believing people who let this thing drive without overriding it regularly.#
Bluesky is an invite-only network, but it has an API, and we've added RSS feeds, so I can present to you a view onto Andrew Hickey's Bluesky feed, accessible to everyone. #
Nice to see Thread Writer for Bluesky getting traction. It's a rewrite of which I wrote for Twitter, which Twitter never noticed before shutting it down. One of these days there will be a platform that really pays attention to what developers create and makes sure users learn about them. Twitter was not that company. Like most tech companies they spent their dev relations money on the wrong things. #
Fixed a bug where every doc would fail trying to load emoji images because it used an "insecure" address. I fixed it so now we can be sure no emoji images are being hacked by a router between AWS and your web browser. Hopefully someone will sleep better because of this. Me, I like fixing bugs so I feel good. 😄#

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