It's even worse than it appears..
The idea about people not learning to use computers really resonated with some. Almost no disagreement. I'd add that we now are going to get another shot at conceiving a computer that's a lot easier to use, with the power of AI. Remember the example where I was able to specify what was basically an SQL query in plain though precise English? That can also be applied to the user interface of a computer. Get me the phone number of the contractor I used to install the solar panels a few years ago. I'm sure the data is here on my computer, it might not be organized that way, but in a few months I'll have my own DaveBot who's read everything I've written everywhere and can answer all my questions (and yes, probably the CIA gets to ask questions too, let's hope Trump doesn't get elected, I'm not unaware of the dangers). And I won't have to remember how to build some app I wrote ten years ago. I won't even have to take notes. It's the paradise I never believed in is about to come to me. #
Last week at the reunion I got to spend a lot of time with Doc Searls, which was great. We're both getting old, and one of these times will be the last one, but for now we're both still kicking around ideas and actually doing some of them. One of the things we share is that when we write up an idea on our blog or in a book it's probably because we want to work with others to do that idea. Really pretty much all the time. And it's disheartening and not at all flattering to hear someone thank you for giving them that idea. This is the saddest thing in my life and it keeps happening. An example, I once went to visit Adam Curry in Amsterdam and he showed me an office full of people he hired to do what I had already done. Adam did that over and over. The problem is you can't hire someone to be Doc or me. No matter how many rooms you fill with attractive people. When you try to do our ideas, we've learned, people seem to always miss the heart of it. Anyway someone reading this may someday work with the source of the idea they love to make it reality and I will have done my good deed for the day. #

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