It's even worse than it appears..
Christmas season is officially with us here in the United States, as today is our most commercially consumptive holiday, Black Friday. Maybe the most American holiday of all. But it's also a time to be jolly and kind, nice not naughty, doing our part to consume at ever-increasing rates to keep the US economy humming. And it's a time for love, one hopes. Even so it's time to put Santa in his place, in the margin of Scripting News! I did my part today, buying a nice curved monitor for my Mac mini, and a new smaller TV for the den. Socks and a couple of nice shirts.#
I'm working on a new version of the Scripting News home page, the first since 2017. There will be more tabs, that run down the left margin instead of the top. It'll have the content of Scripting News in the first tab, as it works now. And the linkblog will be the next tab. Then the tabs from followed by the About page outline. And lots of room for growth, for new ideas for writers and readers. As always I use my own site to experiment with new web ideas. #
  • Screen shot of the new version of Scripting News in development. #

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You know those obnoxious sites that pop up dialogs when they think you're about to leave, asking you to subscribe to their email newsletter? Well that won't do for Scripting News readers who are a discerning lot, very loyal, but that wouldn't last long if I did rude stuff like that. So here I am at the bottom of the page quietly encouraging you to sign up for the nightly email. It's got everything from the previous day on Scripting, plus the contents of the linkblog and who knows what else we'll get in there. People really love it. I wish I had done it sooner. And every email has an unsub link so if you want to get out, you can, easily -- no questions asked, and no follow-ups. Go ahead and do it, you won't be sorry! :-)