Tuesday, February 27, 2024
There's a new faster version of news.scripting.com coming. I was originally thinking I'd do the switch today, but decided to hold it for a bit. I want to do more testing and development.#
My Threads timeline is full of Kara Swisher the last few days. She has a book coming out. I think she's popular with other journalists. Her theme appears to be that it's the personalities that matter, not what the companies do. I don't think she has a whole lot of insight into the products and technology. For some reason tech, which mystifies a lot of history and english majors, is considered irrelevant or optional, or maybe kind of cute, by the typical reporter. So she expresses tech in terms the journalists understand, therefore they like her. #
Monday, February 26, 2024
Not much blogging here today. A lot of writing in other contexts. #
Sunday, February 25, 2024
Went out to eat, nice pizza place in Phoenicia. There was a guy wearing a brand new Trump hat. I've never seen that in a public place. Otherwise he looked perfectly normal. I wondered what kind of weirdo has that kind of hate in his heart. Is he listening to what Trump is saying these days? I didn't want to ask him. These are our Nazis. They've hated us their whole lives. Until now, I never knew they existed. And now they get to parade around in public with these obscene hats on. When will the swastikas start appearing on the hats. I wonder if this is the first of many. Like the Germans partying at Rick's place in Casablanca. One more thing. Have you heard about the Civil War movie coming out later this year. Watch the trailer. Maybe wait till morning, because you might have trouble sleeping. #
BTW, apparently my post yesterday where I said I was "doing some of my best writing in ChatGPT" was confusing. I meant literally what I said. My writing. Not that I was using ChatGPT to do my writing for me. I can understand that some people do that, writing isn't one of their things. However writing is one of my things. I've been writing every day for almost thirty years. My writing style has changed a lot over the years. I don't necessarily think it's gotten better, it's just different. I would never post writing publicly written by a anyone other than me without saying it was. Writing for me is very personal. On the other hand, I don't draw very well, never have. I used to be good at box diagrams with arrows, but I'm really out of practice. So if you see something colorful here, that was drawn by a bot, unless it says otherwise. I think we all have to be very clear about that. Now, I do write a lot in ChatGPT because I'm trying to get it to help me solve problems, almost always technical. Basically you have to sketch out the problem in English very specifically so it gives you back what you want. I never thought I'd be programming in English, but here I am doing it. I really want a copy of everything I write, because someday I might want to feed it into a bot other than ChatGPT. There's the lock-in. They own part of me, and I don't even get a copy. Yes yes I know I can download individual conversations, but not if they include an image btw, did you think of that? And who has time to remember to download them. This is fucked up. One of my action items is to hook Drummer up to their API so I'm not relying on their editor. Every time you find yourself typing into a tiny little text box the alarms should go off. #
There's a Beatles song, by John Lennon, that was written by cribbing promotional items from a 19th-century circus poster. It's kind of like asking ChatGPT to give you some random phrases and presenting that as your creativity. I think I'm going to try that now. I asked ChatGPT to write a poem using ideas from a random song written by John Lennon. It chose Imagine. I asked that it write a poem using the ideas in Day Tripper. And finally I asked it to write a song based on the story of The Matrix. #
When I see the word "blogrolls" on my screen, in big letters, my brain always sees "bagels" first. I guess we know what's on my mind. πŸ’₯#
Saturday, February 24, 2024
It just occurred to me that I'm doing some of my best writing in ChatGPT, and I don't automatically get a copy of all that text somewhere I can access it if they go away. Also that writing is not going into any search engine. Normally I watch out for this, but they got me, and you, to write for them for free, and I pay them $20 a month for the privilege. However in balance it is worth it, at least in the short term.#
Unfortunately ChatGPT has been down just when I needed it for some SQL coding help, so I turned to Google's service, and then thought to paste the post above into it's tiny little text box, and see what it had to say. It suggests, among other things, that I reconsider whether ChatGPT is a good deal. Heh. πŸ˜„#
Friday, February 23, 2024
The other day I asked if an op-ed columnist at the NYT or WP would ever criticize their employer for showing poor judgment on what to report on, esp re the election. I was thinking of the story about the special prosecutor who did something highly unethical in writing a public, official, condemnation of someone he investigated yet decided not to prosecute. We have judges and juries for that. Only in a police state can a prosecutor pass judgment on an accused person. The news orgs took the bait, I didn't read one report on who Robert K. Hur is, and the ethics of what he did. Is it appropriate to quote a person who was behaving so openly unethically, esp if you don't disclaim that up front. It's not that democracy is on the ballot this year, we're already over the line. Our journalism is acting as if it were already controlled by the authoritarians. Our lack of trust in journalism is our biggest problem. How can we force journalism to start to be a little accountable. Right now they're the only part of our ruling class that can't have their choices reviewed. #
Thursday, February 22, 2024
I have the motto for the Biden campaign: Old enough to know better. Uncle Joe, sit down with a reporter you can relate to, and explain what aging is about. How there's good and bad that come with getting on, and Repubs (of course) have been focusing on the bad but the journalists aren't getting the other side. One thing is for sure, it's hard to put one over on someone who's been in politics at the highest level for as long as President Joe has been. That's what the "know better" part is about. Whatever you can say about him, he knows a lot about being president. I've been using this motto as my own tagline for a while. But in the interest of protecting our democracy, I think the president should use it for his re-election campaign. No charge. πŸ˜„#
Wednesday, February 21, 2024
Today's song: "Old enough to know better." #
Threads is like a new airport, like Denver's airport was a few years ago, and Twitter feels like the old LaGuardia. Not sure what Mastodon feels like. I'll have to think about that. Maybe the airport in New Orleans which is called Armstrong Field now, IIRC. It used to be called MSY and it still is actually, even though the name changed. Power of standards. #
Consider this quote from a WP article about a court ruling on abortion in Alabama. β€œWomen who actually know what happened, feel under attack and almost powerless.” When historians look back on this election, they will be amazed that all the attention wasn't focused on reproductive rights, esp when 1. It mattered so much to virtually every American, in very real non-abstract ways, and 2. There was such a dramatic difference between the two parties and candidates on this issue. I think I understand why journalism can't get there. Because they would have to turn the agenda over to the people, and give up a power they have and enjoy, even if that power has repeatedly sent us wildly in the wrong direction, focusing on things that don't matter as much as the gut-wrenching decision Americans have to make this year. Do we want to let Republicans enslave women, 1/2 half the populace, or do we want to return to the way things were before Dobbs. I don't have to explain. Very few people on the fence here. What we need are people directly affected by this situation, women of childbearing age, and let them speak, over and over, every day, about all the ways their lives are turned upside down by the direction the Repubs are taking us. No longer trying to take us. There isn't much to argue about here, it's fairly black and white and it is a real division, not one of the bullshit devisions the Repubs have been able to trick the journalists to focus on. #
Tuesday, February 20, 2024
Journalists like everyone in America should pray President Biden stays healthy, because our only alternative is Putin. And btw in Russia, the non-government-owned news people had to leave, to go into exile. The journalists are playing with fire not just for us, but for themselves too. It's not ridiculous to ring the bells really loud about this because we've already lived through this nightmare once. #
Surely there must be people inside the NYT that find this as exhausting as we do. How can we set up a receptacle for leaks from inside the NYT and WP so we can get the truth about who's selling us out to Trump and Putin inside those supposedly great public-serving news orgs? #
I don't like Twitter/X -- it's stupid, it already had a perfectly good name. It is what it is. I use Twitter, I don't imagine stopping, certainly not as some kind of demonstration. But it isn't X or Twitter/X. It's just stupid old fucked up Twitter, only now it's fucked for a different reason. I might go for Twitter/F as in Twitter is Fucked thank you very much. And have a nice day. πŸ˜„#
Monday, February 19, 2024
I've had a recent change of direction. Now I'm factoring into my thinking and planning that there will be a rebirth in blogging, because I see there are people willing to work on making the systems work together in new interesting ways. That's what it's going to take -- we have to capture the imaginations of the smartest web writers. And the only thing that's going to get their attention is developers working together to create new experiences for everyone. Now I believe it's going to happen. #
Random thought -- maybe the fastest way to get full ActivityPub support for WordPress is to offer a feature in any WP site to cross-post to a Mastodon gateway operated by Automattic. It's possible I don't understand the problem of course. But Mastodon is open source, so it's not like depending on another vendor to do this for you. And then you avoid all the hassles with having to say what part of the protocol is ActivityPub and what part is Mastodon's API.#
Sunday, February 18, 2024
I'm trying out using various social networks to start threads. Still going to use GitHub for serious stuff, but the last few days, some of my posts on Mastodon and Twitter have gotten unexpected interest. Not sure what to attribute it to, some people have theories, but why not just go with the flow. #
Threads: "Blogrolls may have seemed silly to outsiders, even to the bloggers of the day, but they were the first step after basic writing on the web (blogs) that led to the social web we're using on Twitter, Mastodon, Threads, Bluesky or Facebook. The blogroll says 'these are the sites and people I follow.'"#
I'm looking for an example of a WordPress site that has a block-oriented blogroll on it.#
Any billionaire could probably buy Trump now for $500 million, and thus put a bet down on the 2024 election. It could probably payoff 100-to-1 easy. #
ChatGPT has been down for me for the last couple of hours. I am really dependent on this thing. #
Saturday, February 17, 2024
Hope you like blogrolls, I'm focusing on them for a while. πŸ˜„#
Yesterday I posted the ChatGPT explainer for blogrolls, but realized later there was an important use of blogrolls it didn't mention. I kept a blogroll on my home page because those were the sites I wanted to check regularly to see what's new. So I was thinking about my own use of my blog, not just helping out sites I support or giving ideas to people who read my blog. Also they didn't provide an illustration of what a blogroll looks like. Here's a snapshot from August 2000, and sure enough, in the left margin, there's the blogroll. Here's a screen shot.#
A snapshot from May 2003. The template was redesigned, and there are changes to what's in the blogroll, but it's still there, in the same place. #
By August 2004, the blogroll is gone. I don't remember why I took it down, probably because I wasn't using it very much, because by then we had feeds, and Radio UserLand (a feed reader and blogging tool) and the blogroll was just a list, and didn't have any way of telling me in advance that a site had updated. #
All of a sudden my posts on Mastodon are getting liked and forwarded a lot more than on the other platforms. What changed? Hmm.#
Friday, February 16, 2024
Thursday, February 15, 2024
I thought ChatGPT could make a movie for me, so I sketched one out. "I'd like a video showing a middle-aged man skiing down an intermediate slope, looking excellent and confident. It's sunny and there are bumps on the hill, and a few other skiers on the side of the slope with expressions of astonishment that such an old person can be such a snazzy skier." Instead of making the video for me, it wrote a creative plan for me. That wasn't what I had in mind! πŸ˜„#
Wednesday, February 14, 2024
I've taken to cross-posting to various social media accounts, by opening a new window, creating the post in one service's little text box, and then opening tabs for each of the others and copy-pasting. Twitter, Mastodon, Bluesky, Threads, Facebook. I'm getting good at it. Yesterday I did that with the piece about President Biden and how he probably would rather be doing anything than be President, for a mostly thankless country, at age 81. I imagine he has great-grandchildren he'd like to get to know. Maybe a book or two to read, maybe one to write. To get his affairs in order. At age 68 I'm trying to shed responsibility as much as possible. It's prudent, and has a point. When I was 25 I wanted to take over the world. Now I'd just like to feel good. As you get older you are capable of more depth of feeling, in some ways, and grow more numb in others. I spent time with my father at 80, his last year. He was always a curious man, wanting to learn about anything new, but in his last days he wasn't curious. No ambition. But he seemed okay with it, even happy at times (possibly due in part to the morphine he was allowed). Anyway, it's always interesting to see where people react to what among the different social web networks. And in this case, the most flow came from Mastodon, by far. I would not have predicted that. And it's good to see, that interesting ideas and perspective may have more of a future outside the networks operated by the billionaire tech companies. #
Tuesday, February 13, 2024
The News tab on the Scripting News home page was set up to request the All category from my FeedLand account. I switched to Tech, it's a bit faster, and probably a better fit. Still looking for a performance issue. #
If you're thinking it might be good if President Biden stepped aside for someone younger and nicer to look at, what you really want is President Biden to be younger and nicer looking, and of course he probably wouldn't mind that either. But, as Keith Olbermann spells out so well in his latest Countdown, if he were to step aside that would basically concede the election to Trump. So if you think the old man is being silly and vain, well, he's being a lot smarter than you are, and btw, paying a huge price. If you live to be 81, I bet the last thing you want to do, after the life he's had, is to be in this position. We should get behind him, and tell him so, let him know we don't want anyone else, and we want him to be happy, healthy and know that the smart, good people of the US appreciate what he's doing for all of us. #
I was happy to see Jon Stewart back on the Daily Show. I wish he would get over how he looks, all of us have aged in the time since he was last on the Daily Show. It was really good. He finally is back with the writers he belongs with, and this show obviously agrees with him, and I got the feeling I always used to get from his show "we'll figure this out." #
The next hurdle for AI is to teach the software to learn about you. I think that's what we all want. Start with the simplest things. This is my coding style, so give me all the example code you generate this way. Where does this end? No idea. But read Klara and the Sun, a truly great story, beautifully told, for a truly creative application. #
This is what I imagine we all yearn for, for someone to really know us before we die. Okay if it can't be other people, at least let it be a machine. Something like preserving a brain. Wouldn't it be great to know that when you're gone, the essential you, even if it doesn't include your consciousness, persists? You could visit a person like you visit a website. This is just evolutionary, and it's obviously going to happen. #
Today would be the perfect day to ski at Belleayre or Hunter, if you can get out of NYC where all the snow is falling. I have work to do and was planning on skiing tomorrow, expecting 8 inches of fresh snow. We're not getting much from this storm in the Catskills, NYC is getting the brunt. And any day you can't get here from the city means not many people on the mountain. πŸ˜„#
Monday, February 12, 2024
The best SuperBowl ad according to my stringent quality standards was Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, proving that comedy isn't hard, just have people reacting to stupid stuff in ridiculous self-destructive ways. Physical comedy for some reasons is ROTFL funny. They can do this because everyone knows and loves their delicious product and while it isn't good for you, it won't kill you either. And the announcer is Bojack Horseman, so you know that's pretty cool too. #
Big snowstorm coming in tonight. And working on some interesting new software. That's about all for now. #
The SuperBowl last night was an excellent sports game. I didn't like all the bullshit, but it was good sport. However it's all about gambling. I bet it's ruining a lot of lives. A way of sucking the last pennies from people who are already struggling. And it's so easy, just get an app for your phone, add your credit card, and give them all your money.#
The Niners didn't win but Taylor Swift did, that's good enough for me. #
There's a chain of beating hearts connecting back in time from you to a fish that crawled onto land, one of your many ancestors (assuming you believe in evolution, I guess). Actually, even if you don't believe. πŸ˜„#
Sunday, February 11, 2024
I'm almost rooting for KC just so Taylor can be the total dominant uncontested Queen of America.#
If the Supreme Court had an ounce of guts they would say this isn't a state matter, it's a federal matter, and we are the federal government, so here's the deal. Trump tried to overthrow the government and he took an oath to protect the government, and therefore the 14th Amendment applies, and he can't be on the ballot anywhere, including Colorado.#
Where did RSS being D come from? The meme was started by VCs and tech influencers in the 00s. A bunch of VCs had RSS startups, hired people who didn't know anything about it to run the companies. #
Today's song: How Deep is Your Love?#
Saturday, February 10, 2024
Steven Levy asked an interesting question on Bluesky or Threads, can't remember which. Would I feel differently if I knew a work of art that I found inspiring was created by an AI. At first I said no, because what matters in art is how it is received, not how it was created. What effect did it have on the viewer. That's the art. But then I remembered that when I found out that Wordle was edited by a human, that the words were chosen by a person not at random, I found the game less interesting, because certain words obviously would be eliminated from consideration, even though they are in the dictionary and are used in normal writing and speech. I found myself guessing at who the editor is, and that's not why I play Wordle. I don't know why, but understanding this person isn't it. #
Trump is treated by Big News the way they cover climate change, with a big shrug, what can we do. Meanwhile, they get all twisted up in Her Emails and the like.#
I enjoy blocking β€œtop contributorsβ€œ on Facebook who respond with sarcasm to requests for help.#
Friday, February 9, 2024
The US government is incapable of defending itself. The tools are in the Constitution. Clearly, even if Trump loses, we're going to go through the same insurrection bullshit only this time around they'll be more practiced and determined. Our ancestors foresaw this event and provided for it. Speaking for them, after listening to the audio from yesterday's Supreme Court hearing, how could it be any more obvious this guy can't be given a second chance. You (Supreme Court) have a job to do. You're the only ones who can judge whether the former President violated his oath, the one you gave him if you recall (John Roberts). I think it was set up that way so you'd get the point that you're the one who has to hold him to his oath. Now if you won't do it, step aside, and you all keep stepping aside until someone has the guts to stand up for the country and its Constitution. Tell the Repubs to nominate someone else because this dude broke his oath and as the 14th Amendment says so freaking clearly, he can't serve again. How does it make sense to give him the same oath again when he violated it in such a craven way last time. If we as a country can't come together for this, then we don't deserve to survive.#
If you have a new trend in tech, the absolute worst way to promote it is as a replacement for existing layers of tech with huge installed bases. You can't win that kind of comparison. Installed bases generally don't disappear, and if they do, it happens very slowly. You almost certainly don't have the replacement, but you might have a useful product that would appeal to people, so be smart and explain it that way, if you just happen to boil the ocean with it, you can thank your luck because that's what actually happened. #
In other words you can't just wish something like the web into existence, you can't plan it, or architect it or envision it. It happens on its own. Look at all the time and energy TBL put into reinventing the web. Never happened, and he's the guy who got the web started in the first place. I've been there when something small became huge and real, twice actually. But I couldn't tell you why, I just have theories. I called it "media hacking" at the time. Create a new media type and put it out there to see if it would stick. After a while nothing would stick because the pipes were controlled by Twitter, Google and Facebook and they weren't sharing. Now we're kind of letting Facebook own the pipes Twitter used to own. Maybe. So many people appear to be fooled into thinking FB is doing something open. They should learn the rules of tech, it's nowhere near as complicated as football or basketball. If everyone wants to interop with one company, nothing open can come out of that. Threads became the thing people wanted to interop with a couple of days after it came into existence. Now it must be orders of magnitude greater than Mastodon, and it's not going to hit any scaling walls because they've already scaled it, in every way. There's still time, I think, for new ideas, but maybe not much time. We'll see. #
Thursday, February 8, 2024
What tool would you use to create and edit a blogroll?#
When I was your age, if you're in your late teens or early 20s, there was nothing remotely like Apple Music or Spotify. If we wanted to listen to a specific album we'd have to buy a copy of the vinyl record at a music store. I used to go to a store called Mushroom Too, on Broadway and Zimpel in New Orleans. It was kind of like a head shop, smelled of incense, and they had a great sound system and they were always playing good music. It was on the second floor above a bar called The Boot that had the usual college stuff, beer, burgers, pinball. The record store had rows of racks of albums, like a library in a way, and you'd wander around looking for bands you knew or had heard about, and you'd stare at album covers, front and back and try to decide. Looking for "something good to listen to." And you could only afford a certain number every year, so you listened to each album a lot. I don't know if it works that way for young folk today. In 50 years when you're looking back will you know the songs in the order they appeared on the album? I never bought singles, by the time I came along album rock was the thing, stations like WNEW and WPLJ in New York. I'd listen to the student station at Tulane, WTUL. They'd play longer songs, and not always the most popular song on an album. You got the sense that the DJ was being creative with the songs they chose. BTW, both Mushroom and The Boot are still there. What a trip. #
There was also a local station that was like KFOG in the Bay Area, can't remember its name. And of course like everyone everywhere I listened to Dr Demento. #
Later, when I was a grad student in Madison, I lived in a house with nine roommates. We shared lots of stuff, including our record collections and all of a sudden new music worlds opened to me, including (memorably) Bonnie Raitt, Little Feat, Talking Heads and Saturday Night Fever (which I'm listening to as I write this). #
Wednesday, February 7, 2024
I went skiing today at Belleayre. First time in five years. It was great. I've been working out to get ready for it, and was concerned maybe I'm finally too old, but it's good. My body remembers how to ski. And being in shape makes the difference. No doubt at some point I will be too old for it. But not yet. And the snow was really good, for the east. Packed powder, very little ice. No lift lines. Sometimes a little crowded on the slopes but about the same as any ski area in the west. It pays to go on weekdays if you can. Here's a trail map and some stats on the area. #
Social networks and RSS. We really should be on the case for all social media networks to support RSS feeds outbound at least (inbound nice too). And also add features to make interop really useful. I've enumerated them here. I am making software that builds on this feature in social networks. And yes we do have some examples of that, thinking of WordPress and competitors. I think they are perfectly good bases for social networks.#
Tuesday, February 6, 2024
This is the first pitch I’ve heard for the Apple goggles that actually makes me want to buy a pair. If there were an Apple Store nearby I probably would have already gotten it.#
I'm reading Liz Cheney's book, and forgot something I had guessed during the insurrection. While it was going on Trump was calling Congresspeople saying if you stop the count I'll call off the attack. In other words, trade your life for a vote. I suspected it before, but they have testimony that verifies it.#
I asked ChatGPT to draw a "social network for writers." ❀️#
I'm doing some writing about writing and finding the phrase "RSS, Atom and RFD" too cumbersome. Most people don't care and see the distinctions as unnecessary. But I want to be accurate, and recognize that while RSS is the most-used kind of feed, there are others, and our software works with them. I'm trying this construction: "RSS-compatible." I think that expresses the most important point, the choice of format is up to you, but now, by 2024, they all work pretty much the same way. #
Good morning. The main static server I mentioned yesterday has been relocated to a fresh, new and apparently healthy server to perform its past duties. We're off to a good start this Tuesday morning. #
Monday, February 5, 2024
I was asked about the difference between feedland.com and feedland.org. Which should you create a new account on? #
feedland.org runs on a small Digital Ocean server, and Com runs in a data center. The first is a fixed-size relatively small scale server that can't expand, and the latter is designed to scale automatically according to demand. I spent most of 2023 converting the software to run in the scalable environment. #
If you're creating something new, definitely create it on feedland.com. If you're already using feedland.org, for now you're welcome to continue, but in the back of your mind think about creating a new account on Com and importing your subscription list. Org is proving useful to have around, so I don't imagine it'll go away, it's much easier for me to work on a DO server than on the big cloud-based server. #
You should assume that some day all these systems will disappear. The web is ephemeral. But -- my guess is feedland.com will be around longer. However, honestly, I really have no idea, no one does. #
BTW, while we're doing this transition in FeedLand, I also have a small crisis happening on my main static server, which depends on a combination of software that suddenly aren't getting along with each other. Obviously something changed. I'm running it in a somewhat crippled state, I may be figuring how to dig out of this hole. One of the downsides of having fun with server software.#
Everyone's watching and listening to Fast Car this morning. It's a time capsule for so many of us. 1988. A window back to good times.#
Sunday, February 4, 2024
One of the cool things about being a programmer is that you can decide to run code that you know has zero chance of working. "Let all hell break loose," a programmer can be heard to say quietly before clicking the Run button. Very few design professions get to do this, I imagine, unless they're psychotic.#
Wellll, the Lakers beat the Knicks last night. No joy in Mudville.#
The pros and cons of pre-ground cannabis, per ChatGPT.#
Saturday, February 3, 2024
feedland.org is back. Next up, new software features that build on the new back-end features. πŸ˜„#
People are really gushing about the Apple goggles, now that they have them in their hands. I still can't get psyched about it. I was late to getting an Apple Watch, and now I wear it every day, can't imagine not wearing it. So maybe I will get one eventually. But my vision is weak, and I kind of doubt it'll work for me. And I would much prefer if Apple had poured their vast resources and creativity into making mass transport work in the Bay Area instead, as a prototype for what might be possible in the rest of the world. That I would cheer, unconditionally. #
Friday, February 2, 2024
We hit a snag in the upgrade for feedland.org. The work is narrated in this thread. Here's what the snag was. We were low on storage starting at the beginning and eventually we ran out of space, and the error messages we got indicated the problem was something else. All the searching we did, none of the hits, or ChatGPT suggested looking at memory usage. Quite independently after thrashing around trying various theories, we finally got a message from the Digital Ocean service saying the server was out of space. When I doubled the space, that gave it enough room to do the tasks we had for it. Now running the last query. Looks like we may be over the hump. Let's just pray the software runs when we turn the server back on. πŸ’₯#
At 10PM Eastern, we still haven't finished the upgrade. Will return to the job tomorrow AM. #
If I were running Bluesky -- I'd think about incentives for people with the kind of following they want to cultivate to do most or all of their social media'ing there. Some people are already doing it or so it seems, Neil Gaiman, Andrew Hickey, and I'm sure there are lots of others. #
I have a server that handles all my old sites, and it needs to be replaced, so I'm trying to figure out where to put all the sites. Most are really small, 10 or fewer files. But outline.land/treefun was large and interesting, so I thought I'd put a link here. I have forgotten so many of my little experiments. #
I wrote a script in Frontier to sort the folders by how many files they contain. I shudder to think how long it would take to write in JavaScript with all its synchronous difficulties.#