It's even worse than it appears..
Notes on the archive element in the source namespace. It's important that we share our ideas and collaborate, and listen and ask the right people to help. Manton was asking why weren't his ideas on archiving incorporated in other people's work, it's the same concern I have, why didn't we work together on this Manton? Two heads are better than one in things like this. I think Automattic may be the place to get together on this. Esp since they are the market leader now in this area. What they do, right off the bat, has to be supported everywhere, so we want them to do a good job. 😄#
I got the help I needed yesterday, pointing me in the right direction wrt APIs for ChatGPT. I'm ready to try some ideas out once I get to a stopping point on my current project. Can't wait to try out these ideas. #
ChatGPT is like having a programming partner you can try ideas out on, or ask for alternative approaches, and they're always there, and not too busy to help out. They know everything you don't know and need to know, and rarely hallucinate (you have to check the work, same as with a human btw). It's remarkable how much it is like having an ideal human programming partner. It's the kind of helper I aspire to be. #
Today's Olbermann is worth a listen, esp the first part where he talks about political reporters vs sports reporters. Politics is a lot simpler than most sports, and they repeat themselves for years even decades, yet the sports reporters manage. Not all of them, there are plenty of empty-headed sports reporters. But there are also some very insightful ones. It makes all the the difference. In New York basketball we're blessed with two of the best. Mike Breen and Walt Frazier. I'd listen even if I gave up hope on the Knicks, which believe me, I have done many many many times. Also Olbermann says that Dolan, the owner of the Knicks, is a schmuck. He got that right. But somehow this time he managed to hire an exec who has some kind of a clue. #

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