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The other day I asked if an op-ed columnist at the NYT or WP would ever criticize their employer for showing poor judgment on what to report on, esp re the election. I was thinking of the story about the special prosecutor who did something highly unethical in writing a public, official, condemnation of someone he investigated yet decided not to prosecute. We have judges and juries for that. Only in a police state can a prosecutor pass judgment on an accused person. The news orgs took the bait, I didn't read one report on who Robert K. Hur is, and the ethics of what he did. Is it appropriate to quote a person who was behaving so openly unethically, esp if you don't disclaim that up front. It's not that democracy is on the ballot this year, we're already over the line. Our journalism is acting as if it were already controlled by the authoritarians. Our lack of trust in journalism is our biggest problem. How can we force journalism to start to be a little accountable. Right now they're the only part of our ruling class that can't have their choices reviewed. #
  • I came up with a motto for Joe Biden's presidential campaign -- Old Enough to Know Better.#
  • I asked ChatGPT to draw a campaign rally with a banner that said that, but it wouldn't do it for Joe Biden, so I changed the name to Bull Mancuso, and had him run for governor of Calif instead of president of the US. #
  • It still couldn't spell the banner correctly but it is pretty inspiring.#
  • The banner should read "Old Enough to Know Better."#

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