It's even worse than it appears..
Today's song: Such a Night. #
The State of the Union tonight was great. MSNBC hosts are totally turned on by Biden's speech. They're actually having an interesting discussion. Remarkable. More later.#
ChatGPT is everything the lazyweb was supposed to be. #
I asked ChatGPT what plagiarism is, and if it engages in it. #
If blogging does come back now, it'll have features it didn't have last time we were really working on it. The reason is cheap servers, we know how to use them, and the software is already written. You'll get a chance to see how that works in a matter of days now, Murphy-willing of course. #
January 6, 2021, a date which will live in infamy. #
Have you ever seen an investigative report on the oft-quoted lawyer who said the nasty shit about Biden's age? Where's the journalism there?? Tell us a bit about his flaws. Is he a Federalist Society guy? Who did he vote for. Any other conflicts of interest? What does he know about aging, btw? Is he an expert? Did he even take a college course on aging? Did he consult experts before forming his opinion? Also does he feel it's fair for a prosecutor to use his public platform to smear the reputation of an innocent person? And finally if there is no respect for the president as a person, what about the office, and the country the president serves? Does he have any respect for that? And did he expect to have the light shone on him for making such a bold and potentially damaging statement? And then let's find out why the journalists never shone the light on Mr Hur.#
When a headline says the presidential race is deadlocked, what actually happened, in terms of who, what, why, when and how. Could the people who write these stories pass a journalism course with this stuff? #

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