It's even worse than it appears..
Every day now feels like another January 6.#
Our challenge is to make sure the really interesting stuff happens on the open web, outside the silos. If that happens we can go on. Otherwise we go right back to where we were when Twitter and Facebook dominated. Not a good place. 17 years of stagnation#
A new version of Blogroll Browser. You can now go directly to the OPML version of a blogroll, and to the HTML page we discovered it in. I know all this must seem strange, hard to figure out what's going on. That's how I feel about it too. But I know there's interesting data here, how people are connected to people. I'm still trying to figure out how to make a browser that engages the mind in that. It can take a long time to figure these things out. I had the basic idea for a blog in 1994, but it wasn't until 1999 that we really had it figured out and implemented for non-techies. This may be like that, or the browser might be just around the corner. #
More Blogroll Browser features. Beginnings of a social graph.#
The buggy images of ChatGPT perfectly fit the blogger come as you are ethos. We called this Dogma 2000, the site is gone now, and it's even gone in Sad to realize some of the simplest most worthwhile ideas are gone now. #
When talking to ChatGPT think of it as Commander Data on Star Trek, who, in an interesting turnabout is a robot played by a human. Oh the humanity. #
Another month in the archive. Time flies when you're having fun! #
  • Thanks to NakedJen for this beautiful illustration.#
  • I just did an approx 40 minute podcast interview and discussion with Jeff Jarvis. I know Jeff from the early days of blogging. He was one of the best discussion leaders at BloggerCon. And he's an accomplished author and educator. #
  • We talk about how to organize news for people who are information starved by whatever it is that our news sources are doing, which is really hard to figure out, but in the end (I argue) who cares why, we have a problem to solve, so let's get on with it.#
  • I talk about the blogging at the Dean campaign in 2004, that's how they got around journalism. I'm sure that's where we have to go, put together what we think would be the Biden blog if the campaign was being run by Joe and Nicco, and I'd be on board, so would Jeff, and we'd help Heather Cox Richardson, and amplify anyone who is making sense and supports democracy. #
  • It could be funded by the People's PAC, or something like it. It wouldn't take very much money, it's just a blog. But it would have powerful ideas that cut through the bullshit, and great videos, and we'd organize marches where people show up to help people.#
  • And the campaign would never stop, we'd always be organizing.#
  • This is the discussion I wanted to start. #
  • Hope you enjoy! :-)#
  • PS: Jeff's mike is much better than mine. Gotta work on that. #

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