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The AutoWeb Menu

The AutoWeb Menu

When you're ready to go, you use commands in Little Script Editor's AutoWeb menu to build your website and upload the result to the server. Every time you make a change, add or delete a file, whatever -- repeat the Rebuild process.

Here's what the AutoWeb menu looks like:

The Rebuild... command scans your Input Folder and Output Folders, checking modification dates. When it finds a file or folder has been modified, it rebuilds it. The first time you rebuild all files will be processed because we ship an empty Output Folder. All files that are processed are copied to the Upload Folder.

The Preview... command launches Netscape and tells it to open your home page, in the Output Folder. It allows you to see what your website looks like before you upload anything to the server.

The Upload... command launches Anarchie from the Helper Apps folder and tells it to upload each of the files in the Upload Folder.

The Empty Output Folder... command deletes all the files in the Output Folder (after confirming that you want to do it). This forces a complete build the next time you choose the Rebuild command.

The Build & Upload... command combines both a build and an upload. Use this command when you know that you want the result of the build uploaded. Go have a cup of coffee if you (like me!) have a 14.4 slip connection and a big website. As AutoWeb is processing, it displays messages in the Little Script Editor's Message Window. Here's what that window looks like:

The Stop-that-Script! command stops the script. (Of course!) It actually only stops the scripts that run in their own threads: rebuilding, uploading and emptying the output folder. It does the same thing as the Stop button on the Message Window.

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