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Frontier Site Outline

About this Site
  Archives of the News Page
  News & Updates -- Thru December 1996
  News & Updates -- Thru June 1996
  News & Updates -- Thru November 1996
  News & Updates -- Thru September 1996
  News & Updates -- Thru January 1997
  Scripting News -- February 1997
  Scripting News -- March 1997
  BBEdit-Scripting List
  We started a new mailing list to support webmasters using Frontier with BBEdit.
  Credits Page
  Many thanks to these people for their help with Frontier!
  Frontier Mailing Lists
  Here are seven mailing lists you can join to get help learning and writing scripts for Frontier.
  How Are We Doing?
  We're a few days into the release of Frontier 4.2, and I'd like to invite people to send me a private email on how we're doing.
  How to Wear the Frontier Logo
  How to tell the world that your site is built with Frontier.
  Job Fair
  Employment opportunities for people who know Frontier.
  License Agreement
  Nightly Uploads
  Every night at 1AM an agent script runs that keeps our FTP server up to date. This page lists all the uploads.
  Site Menu
  This page invisibly includes a menu that can be displayed in your web browser's menu bar.
  Source for Frontier Website
  This page links to an archive of the source code for the Frontier website.
  Stanford's Frontier-webmaster list
  UserLand proudly supports the Stanford-hosted mailing list for people managing websites with Frontier.
  The Low Tech Object Distribution Server
  The LTODBS is the backbone for object distribution in the Frontier scripting community.
Apps that Work with Frontier
  These are the key apps that people use in conjunction with Frontier to develop web content and to manage sites.
  FileMaker and Frontier
  How to bring the power of Filemaker databases to your scripting projects.
  Microsoft's Mac Web Server
  Microsoft's personal web server works well with Frontier.
  A pointer to a web page that explains how to set up the NetPresenz web server to run Frontier CGIs.
  Netscape-compatible browsers
  Netscape Navigator and Microsoft Internet Explorer support compatible Apple Event interfaces.
  Playing with Apple's Web Server
  Apple's CGI Docs
  Information of interest to CGI script writers about Apple's personal web server software. The docs on this page are © copyright 1996 Apple Computer.
  Scripting Eudora with Frontier
  Qualcomm's Eudora emailer app is nicely scriptable.
  Scripting StuffIt Lite 3.5
  StuffIt was one of the first scriptable apps and it has one of the richest scripting interfaces.
  Scripting Verona from Frontier
  The Finder and Frontier
  Frontier adds over 40 essential commands to the Finder's menu bar.
  File types in the Finder
  The Types sub-menu makes it easy to change the file type and creator codes for a single file or batches of files.
  Finder-based Backups
  The Backup sub-menu makes it easy to set up and manage backups of multiple projects, and because it's integrated into the Finder it's always easy to get to.
  FinderMenu Change Notes
  Reconciling Folders from the Finder
  Here's a very useful command for PowerBook users or for people with more than one Macintosh
  Utilities in the Finder's Scripts menu
  Several important commands are in the Utilities sub-menu of the Scripts menu.
  uBASE is a fast flat-file database for script writers.
  Website Scripting with BBEdit
  WebSTAR and Frontier
  New stuff that makes the connection between WebSTAR and Frontier faster, easier and more powerful.
  April 1997 Archives
  Here's the second batch of software that I'm putting into a time capsule.
  Frontier Download Archives
  Various projects that lead to where we are, dating back to 1992.
  This command is so important that it deserves its own page!
  DocServer is the online reference database for Frontier's verb set.
  Hidden Features
  Features that aren't easily visible thru Frontier's user interface.
  The Importance of Navigators
  Frontier 4.1 has a new feature that makes it easier to find the important places in the object database.
  What is Frontier?
  A quick, tightly written positioning statement on Frontier, UserLand Software, the community, and related technologies.
  Working with AppleScript
  A warm welcome to AppleScript users!
  Your First Script
  If you follow the instructions on this page you'll get a great new skill -- you'll be able to add your own commands to the Finder's menu bar.
Free Utilities that Run in Frontier
  BBS CGI Application
  Here's a new suite that makes it easy to run a threaded bulletin-board system on a Macintosh running a WebSTAR-compatible server.
  Guestbook CGI Application
Frontier Community Center
Frontier SDK
  A collection of toolkits, sample programs, C source code and documentation.
  How to Create Frontier Install Files
  Instructions for commercial software developers on creating Install Files for Frontier script writers.
  MacBird Plug-ins
  Menu Sharing Toolkit 4.1
  Menu sharing allows Frontier to send a set of menus to another application.
  Outline Sharing Toolkit
  You can develop apps and UCMDs using the Outline Sharing Toolkit to make Frontier's outliner more useful.
Frontier User's Guide
  The original printed manual, converted to a website and updated for Frontier 4.1
  Desktop Scripts
  Explorer's Guide to Frontier
  Scripting Other Applications
  Scripting the Operating System
  The Frontier Environment
  The Object Database
  The UserTalk Language
  Writing UserTalk Scripts
Frontier's Menus
  We document every command in each of Frontier's menus.
  The Apple Menu
  The Custom Menu
  The Edit Menu
  The File Menu
  The Main Menu
  The Menubar Menu
  The Open Menu
  The Outline Menu
  The Script Menu
  The Suites Menu
  The Table Menu
  The Web Menu
  The Window Menu
  The WP Menu
New Release Notes
  These pages explain the newest Frontier features and explain how to upgrade.
  4.2 Development Notes
  Frontier 4.2/Mac is a root-only upgrade.
  4.2b1 Change Notes
  Wed, Dec 11, 1996 at 6:28:37 AM by DW
  4.2b2 Change Notes
  Thu, Dec 12, 1996 at 11:04:33 AM by DW
  4.2b3 Change Notes
  Sun, Dec 15, 1996 at 10:14:39 AM by DW
  4.2b4 Change Notes
  Sun, Dec 15, 1996 at 8:01:47 PM by DW
  4.2b5 Change Notes
  Mon, Dec 16, 1996 at 5:36:43 PM by DW
  4.2b6 Change Notes
  Mon, Dec 30, 1996 at 1:26:34 PM by DW
  4.2b7 Change Notes
  Sun, Jan 12, 1997 at 7:08:50 AM by DW
  4.2b8 Change Notes
  Mon, Jan 20, 1997 at 5:46:07 AM by DW
  4.2b9 Change Notes
  Tue, Jan 21, 1997 at 6:28:44 AM by DW
  Special Mailing List for Frontier 4.2 Beta Feedback
  Thanks to Daniel Berlinger at Circumtech for setting up this temporary mailing list.
  4.2.1 Upgrade
  Wed, Mar 19, 1997 at 11:38:31 AM by DW
  4.2.2 Upgrade
  Wed, Mar 26, 1997 at 8:25:58 AM by DW
  4.2.3 Upgrade
  Thu, Apr 17, 1997 at 9:56:50 PM by DW
  4.2.3a Mods
  Fixes for 4.2
  Fronter 4.1 Upgrade
  How to upgrade from Frontier 4.0 to 4.1...
  Frontier 4.1 Download Page
  MacBird, New Docs, Major cleanup of the UI, what else...?
  Frontier 4.2 Download Page
  Scripts from the Finder's menu bar, the NewsPage site app, deeper website framework, WebSTAR goodies.
  Frontier 4.2 is Shipping
  Frontier 4.2 Upgrade
  How to upgrade from Frontier 4.1 to 4.2...
  New Features in Frontier 4.1
  A brief list of the new features in Frontier 4.1 with pointers to other pages.
  New Features in Frontier 4.2
  Release Notes for Frontier 4.1
  Frontier 4.1 Change Notes
  Frontier 4.1b10 Change Notes
  Frontier 4.1b11 Change Notes
  Frontier 4.1b12 Change Notes
  Frontier 4.1b13 Change Notes
  Frontier 4.1b14 Change Notes
  Frontier 4.1b4 Change Notes
  Frontier 4.1b5 Change Notes
  Frontier 4.1b6 Change Notes
  Frontier 4.1b7 Change Notes
  Frontier 4.1b8 Change Notes
Scripting the Internet with Frontier
  We're pushing back the boundaries... Ye-ha!
  CGI Scripting in Frontier
  CGI stands for Common Gateway Interface. It's an Internet term for scripts and applications that run behind web server software.
  Commands in WebSTAR 2.0's Shared Menu
  WebSTAR 2.0 supports menu sharing. Here's a test version of the shared menu for WebSTAR.
  Frontier ClassAds Server
  A new server application that manages a newspaper-like Classified Ads system on a Mac web server.
  Glossary Patching
  A tricky bit of technology that makes relative URLs transparent.
  NewsPage Change Notes
  A new suite that promises to make it easier to manage a hot news-oriented website with a text editor, outliner and menu commands.
  TCP Scripting
  A new applet from Chuck Shotton called NetEvents provides scripting interfaces that make it easy to create client and server Internet apps that run on Macs.
  Chuck Shotton on Listeners
  Here's an excerpt from an email from Chuck on the theory of listeners.
  Internet Daemon Manager
  The Unix Internet daemon manager, inetd, implemented in Frontier.
  NetEvents Interface
  Here's how we build on the NetEvents Apple Event interface in Frontier.
  The Crawler Suite
  Web crawler software for Frontier.
  Sample Crawler Log
  The ODB Plug-In and WebSTAR.root
  This new plug-in allows WebSTAR to read and write a Frontier-compatible object database.
  Website Building Improvements in 4.2
  Here are several new features implemented in the website framework, suites.html, in Frontier 4.2.
  Website Building with Frontier
  An introduction to building websites using glossaries, macros, templates, and object-oriented hierarchies; written by Preston Holmes.
  Writing WebStar CGI Scripts with Frontier
  How to customize your web server with UserLand Frontier and the CGI Framework
  Frontier Data Types
  Here's a list of all the data types supported in Frontier.
  UserTalk Grammar
  The formal grammar for the UserTalk language.
Stories from the Community
  Agenda, Marimba, DaveNet, URLs, Spotlight
  Albanian Daily News
  BANG Meeting/Jan 23
  Brent Simmons on the CGI Framework
  Brian Buck on the Media Info Suite
  Chuck Shotton
  Chuck answers a question on the WebSTAR-talk list.
  Daniel Berlinger on ADB I/O
  Dave Winer on MacBird
  DW tells his story of MacBird, starting in 1991.
  David Boroditsky defines Frontier
  Mr. Boroditsky uses Frontier to automate DTP operations.
  Do we need a new logo?
  I always liked the Frontier logo -- but I never thought of it from this point of view. Any graphic designers out there have ideas?
  Download Mirror
  Fat Page Graphic
  FinderMenu is Important
  This email went to several scripting-related mailing lists on Mon, Jan 13, 1997.
  From Rich Siegel to Guy Kawasaki
  The lead developer of BBEdit explains why he's psyched about the combination of Frontier and BBEdit.
  Frontier 4.1 Wins Eddy Nomination!
  Frontier 4.2 Endgame Page
  Frontier 4.2.1 Endgame
  Frontier at Sun and Apple in Europe
  Frontier defined for Next people
  Greg Hartling
  Heath Tanner
  Mr. Tanner responds to my 'How are we doing?' page.
  How Sports Illustrated uses Frontier
  How The Straight Dope uses Frontier
  How the University of Wisconsin uses Frontier
  Leonard Rosenthol on the Future of the TCPCMD
  Looking for Success Stories
  Lynn Welge on Apple's personal web server
  Apple announces their intention to support CGI extensions in their server software.
  Mason compares AppleScript and Frontier
  Mason Hale, in a message he posted to the Mac Scripting list a few months ago during one of the "AppleScript vs. Frontier" threads.
  Mason Hale on WebObjects
  Mason Hale is doing a big web-to-database integration project using WebObjects.
  MIME Encoder/Decoder Needed
  Msg from an ex-Apple DTS Guy
  A former Apple Developer Services person talks about the history of scripting on the Macintosh.
  New Look for the Frontier Site
  Pamela McAllister
  Preston Holmes on the ODBC UCMD
  Quote for Apple 1/7 Press Release
  This quote will appear in Apple's January 7 press release.
  Ryan Simms on BBEdit and Frontier
  Ryan compares website building on a Mac with Windows NT.
  Sean McNamara
  The Future of Frontier wrt AppleScript
  This message was posted on the Mac scripting list on Mon, Jan 20, 1997 by
  Top Sixteen Undocumented Frontier Features
  We depend on powerscripters
  Web Developer Magazine Awards
  WWDC Attendees Get Free Frontier
Topics for Advanced Frontier Users
  As you learn more about Frontier, it gets more powerful.
  Batch Exporter Suite
  This suite makes it easy to export the entire contents of Frontier.root to a structure of folders and sub-folders on your local hard disk.
  CGI Scripts for MacWEEK/DaveNet Survey
  Here are the scripts used to implement the survey.
  Cross-platform Issues
  As we port Frontier to Windows, we're learning more about which features are cross-platform, and which are not.
  Database Cribsheet
  Frontier's built-in storage system is called the object database. It can store small objects like a user's name, the time of the last backup, or larger objects like a list of users, a standard form letter, or a table of electronic mail accounts.
  Droplets are double-clickable applications that have an embedded script that runs once for each file, folder or disk icon that's dragged onto the app.
  Editing AppleScripts using Script Debugger
  A powerful new connection! -- Now you can use Script Debugger 1.0.4 to edit AppleScript cells in Frontier's object database.
  A list of the main features of Frontier 4.2 and the UserTalk language
  Frontier & The Object Model
  Frontier's support of the Apple Event object model is fully integrated into the UserTalk language.
  Frontier 4.2 System Requirements
  Here are the system requirements, how much memory and disk space is required, for Frontier 4.2
  Frontier is Native
  Frontier is a 'fat' app, it contains both 68K and native PowerPC code. If you have a Mac with a PowerPC processor, Frontier will run much faster.
  Help Test CGI Framework 4.2
  How Scoping Works
  A lesson in variable name scoping from a longtime Frontier user.
  How Threading Works
  Preston Holmes explains how threading works in Frontier.
  A system extension that connects with Frontier's clock.idleTime verb.
  Java and Frontier Sittin' in a Tree!
  How to call Java code from Frontier and vice versa...
  Lists & Records
  How to use List and Record data types in your UserTalk scripts.
  MacBird Tips
  MacBird is the newest addition to the Frontier script writer's toolkit. We're still learning what it can do.
  Mini-DaveNet Source
  Nerd's Guide to Frontier
  A description of Frontier for experienced C and Pascal developers.
  OSA Menu 1.1
  Outliner Crib Sheet
  A quick tour of the outline-based script and menu editor in Frontier.
  How to record scripts with applications that support recording.
  Removable Source Code
  For security and performance reasons, you may want to remove the source code of your scripts before you release them for others to use.
  Save A Copy
  If Frontier slows down dramatically when saving changes, you can improve performance using the Save A Copy command.
  Scheduler Suite
  Scheduled scripts are agents that run at a specific time.
  The Network Utilities Suite
  This suite was part of Frontier 1.0, released in January 1992. There's some useful functionality here which might have been overlooked.
  UserTalk Everywhere
  Frontier implements the Open Scripting Architecture, making it easy for scripting clients to hook up to the Frontier system.
  Using the outliner to edit HTML text
  Wow. It was easy. Now you can edit hierarchies of HTML objects using Frontier's built-in outliner. I think I'm going to use this a lot.
  WebSTAR Setup for Frontier CGI Scripting
  How to set up WebSTAR so it routes URLs that end with .fcgi to Frontier.
We're Still Digging!

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