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4.2.3 Upgrade

Thu, Apr 17, 1997 at 9:56:50 PM by DW

Important Note
To install the upgrade, you must have already upgraded to Frontier 4.2.
You can get that at the Frontier 4.2 Upgrade page.
Please download the 4.2.3 Upgrader.
Back up Frontier.root before installing the upgrade.
Run the Installer script to install the new objects.
The new menu commands are in the Extras folder.
Please don't forget to install them.
4.2.3b4 Changes
Scripts and Images work for sub-folders with their own templates.
Cleaned up messy code in renderPage, it's now gone, replaced with two scripts.
Fixed a major bug -- pages in nested folders would render into the top level folder. It used to work, but got broken as the software was being developed.
Now handles background gifs in filter script. Brent Simmons will add a comment to the BBEdit & Frontier site, Images page, when he gets custody.
New glue script -- returns the filespec for the frontmost window in BBEdit.
New glue script -- returns the selected text from the frontmost window in BBEdit.
Assume a valid complete URL, split it into three parts, return as a list.
Given a correctly formed http URL, it gets the source text for the page thru NetEvents.
Used for the Netscape version of webBrowser.getFrontWindowSource.
Modified to work with Netscape Navigator (thru NetEvents).
Code that processes fat web pages.
Conforms to the new Fat Pages FAQ.
Added optional parameter to control display of dialog. Fixes bug in 4.2.2 where you'd get one dialog for every nested table.
A test page containing an embedded copy of suites.states.
A new UCMD that does Base 64 encoding and decoding for Fat Pages.
Respects new pref, #tagSubstitution. If it's false, no substitution for <title>, <bodytext> and <meat>.,
The embedded comment for Fat Pages is now at the bottom of the HTML code, not at the top.
Implements the new connection between BBEdit and Frontier.
bbSite.init also installs user.html.macros.imageTag and user.websites.bbSite.
A new version of the shared menu for BBEdit.
Returns a filespec for the Websites sub-folder of the Frontier folder. Creates it if it doesn't exist.
When you edit a wptext object in BBEdit with Cmd-E, it now has a .html extension, so you'll get HTML coloring in the display in BBEdit.
To turn this feature off set user.odbEditors.textFileExtension to the empty string. (It will be created automatically the first time you Cmd-E.)
More info
Previous change notes are on the 4.2.2 Upgrade page.

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