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Eric Kidd's feedhose client, lots more news, faster!
By Dave Winer on Thursday, October 14, 2010 at 8:01 AM.

The browser-based feedhose for the NYT was a hit.  permalink

Lots of people tried it out yesterday, and there were a lot of questions. Hopefully some of them will be answered by today's developments. permalink

For an encore, we decided to add three big streams to the NYT stream: permalink

1. AFP wire photos. permalink

2. Tech news. permalink

3. BBC World Edition. permalink

4. NY Times. (As with yesterday's version.) permalink

When you put the four sources together, it's hundreds of feeds, so the updates are pretty frequent, esp during the workday. permalink

The tech sources weren't just thrown together either. I started with feeds Scoble follows on Twitter (but I went for their RSS feeds) and added some that I follow, and then watched TechMeme for a while to try to figure out who their big sources are. It's a pretty good mix, and it's really something to watch the stories roll through, like yesterday's notice of Apple's press conference next week. The result is something that flows much faster. permalink

Leave the window open on your screen, esp if you have a second monitor as I do, to keep news flowing to your desktop 24 by 7. permalink

Now it may be too much, quite possibly is -- that suggests other user interfaces -- maybe something like Checkbox News. The good news is that Eric has provided the source code, so you get to play too! :-) permalink

View the source on Eric's page. It's all right there. Can you make something that looks more beautiful? Neither Eric or I are good at fonts or colors, we're plumbing guys. Help us out by making something gorgeous out of this river. Post a link to your experiment in the comments below or send me a link via email. (Address is in the right sidebar on permalink

Amy Bellinger sees this becoming a widget. permalink

And you can drop down a level, and access this mix through the feedhose, directly. Just add &name=mix to any of the commands I listed in the JSON post. For example: permalink permalink permalink permalink permalink

One more thing, Eric's feedhose client now has a cool new url: permalink  permalink

A picture of a slice of cheese cake.permalink

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