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We should invest in public broadcasting
By Dave Winer on Saturday, March 19, 2011 at 2:15 PM.

A picture named drop.gifI have a fairly unique position to view this, as one of a small number of people who pushed podcasting forward 10 years ago (the anniversary was in December).  #

It's a long story, but NPR's support, starting with Tony Kahn and WGBH, was crucial. I don't think it would have reached liftoff it weren't for their involvement.  #

And they were able to participate because they are non-commercial. Commercial radio couldn't have played the same role. #

We need to have more media that isn't corporate. We also need more programmers who aren't but that's another story.  #

Anyway, when the next technology like podcasting comes along, we're going to want to have a media organization that can afford to experiment.  #

Maybe the tech industry can pool its resources and come up with the money the US government isn't allocating. It would, imho, be a good investment. Really not very much money when you consider how much is being poured into random startups, and what can be built off this kind of experimentation. #

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