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Question for the NYT
By Dave Winer on Saturday, March 19, 2011 at 4:02 PM.

A picture named bluff.gifI understand that links from Twitter and Facebook will pass through the paywall. As readers of this site know, I am preparing tools that route-around these Corporate Blogging Silos. I simply publish my links through RSS and depend on TwitterFeed to push them to Twitter. And the links should flow everywhere else, because RSS is so widely understood.  #

I hope to encourage many more people to do the same, and I think they will want to, as Twitter becomes more restrictive. I think this is in everyone's interest, except perhaps the owners of the CBS's. I believe independent publishers like the Times will eventually come to appreciate that there are options that don't flow through bottlenecks created by the tech industry.  #

So here's the question. Is the Times going to encourage people to stay inside the silos by only offering special access to them, and not to people use systems that are not siloed? #

Update: Mark Cooper says "all links will pass through the paywall." #

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