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NYT paywall on April 4
By Dave Winer on Monday, April 04, 2011 at 11:05 PM.

A picture named robot.gifRecall that the NY Times now has a paywall. That entitles you to 20 free articles a month. So it's four days into April and I'm hitting the wall. #

I have a number of computers I read the Times on. It turns out that I used a bunch of different email addresses to log on to the NYT site at each of the computers. On one of them, my main desktop, I have a complementary account thanks to Lincoln. On the others, no free account. So one by one I'm hitting the 20-article limit. And learning some the quirks of the paywall. #

For example... #

They have a rule that says if you come from a social media site, the 20-article limit doesn't apply. That means that if I click on a link to a Krugman piece from my news aggregator, I get through. But, if I click on a link in Krugman's article to another NYT piece, I hit the wall.  #

Ironically, if I click on a link from the same Krugman piece to a story on the Washington Post site, it goes through. Not exactly what the Times wants, I assume. I wonder how Krugman will feel about linking on-site vs off-site.  #

Screen shot that illustrates. #

Anyway, I'm going to leave some of my computers this way so I continue to experience the effects of the paywall. #

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