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Social media bubble pop
By Dave Winer on Sunday, May 15, 2011 at 5:56 AM.

A picture named hubbaBubba.gifYou'll know the bubble is just about to pop when someone starts a Twitter lottery service that works as follows: #

1. People "buy" a lottery ticket by signing up (and giving access to your account, this is important). #

2. At the end of the month, five winners are chosen at random. #

3. Everyone who entered the lottery follows each of the five. With any luck they now have a million followers and enter the social media elite. They are now "key influencers." #

4. A tweet goes out to everyone telling them who won (with a convenient link back to the lottery site). #

5. You're free to unfollow, if you're a stinker, if you remember, if you can figure out how (most people cant/won't). #

6. Repeat. :-) #

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