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Tumblr and my Blork feed
By Dave Winer on Monday, May 16, 2011 at 8:51 AM.

As you probably know, I'm using my new Blork tool to do all my link publishing these days. My links flow, through RSS, to other Blork users. And to Twitter, of course. And now they flow to a new place: Tumblr. #

http://davelinks.tumblr.com/  #

I wanted to do this for three reasons: #

1. More and more people are using Tumblr. #

2. It's beautiful. #

3. It seems uniquely suited to link publishing. It even has a link type post. And the templates account for them.  #

My Blork-to-Tumblr connection is working except for two things: #

1. The order is all screwed up. Every time I post a new item it's like shuffling the deck. #

2. The dates are wrong on the posts. They all say May 16. Even though most of them were published on May 15. #

I know that Tumblr has them in the correct order in its database because when I go to the dashboard they are in the right order. #

I see that other people are having similar problems.  #

PS: My links flow to Tumblr through its API. I'm not using their RSS import feature. #

Update: The problem was mine. My (new) code had a bug -- it was updating each of the last 20 items every time it checked. Once it settled down to only updating when the items changed -- and that's rare -- everything worked as you thought it should. So it was my problem, not Tumblr's. :-) #

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