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The web presence for ideas
By Dave Winer on Friday, September 16, 2011 at 11:53 AM.

It's hard work advocating for users. #

The industry will have no part of it, they see their interests as being counter to the interests of users (at least in actions, if not words). #

And users are only slowly realizing that it really does matter who controls the web presence for their ideas. #

Om Malik posted about this yesterday. All the little atoms of content we leave all over the place, how will they be unified, and what do the tools look like. Not the messy messes we use now that are good at editing pages and posts (a process that started 12 years ago), but the amalgamations of these atoms. It is possible to do. But it won't be the current version of the tech industry that will discover and then implement this, they're looking in the wrong place. #

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