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Escaping from GoDaddy
By Dave Winer on Wednesday, October 26, 2011 at 12:50 PM.

A picture named accordion.gifSomehow I got subscribed to a $4.99 per year program on GoDaddy that is impossible to turn off. I seriously suspect that there are actually no commands on their website to turn it off. When I ask their support people to do it, they point to the Terms of Service that apparently gives them the right to continue to charge me for a service that I never used, don't want and have explicitly told them to unsubscribe me from, several times. In writing. They refuse to do it. #

So it looks like I need to finally cut the cord with them. Unfortunately I have registered a lot of domains with them. I will move them to another serivce and just close the account. It seems that should get rid of the auto-renewing service that I don't want. Yes? I am that foolish. I will spend several days of my life as a matter of principle to get rid of a nasty vendor that has no sense of honor, and is willing to risk an account that pays them several hundred dollars a year for a benefit of $4.99, and the possibility that they get in trouble for stealing money from customers. That should get them in a lot of trouble. Imho. #

I'm so sick of companies whose systems screw their customers automatically, always erring in their favor (so forget about it not being intentional). They make it impossibly hard to opt-out and figure you'll just go ahead letting them take the money from your account because it isn't worth your time to actually get rid of them.  #

PS: If there were a corporate death penalty, I'd vote for GoDaddy getting it. :-) #

PPS: I sent a link to this blog post to the "people" at GoDaddy I'm theoretically emailing with. They never give you a name, and their responses are clearly from a database. So to think I'm conversing with an actual person is wildly optimistic.  #

PPPS: After I sent a link to this post, they cancelled the subscription. They also apologized "for any inconvenience this might have caused." That's all they'll ever cop to, inconvenience. A more responsible apology would be: Sorry about all the money we took out of your account while you weren't watching.  #

PPPPS: I wrote a checklist for transferring domains from GoDaddy to Hover.com. #

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