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Morning coffee notes
By Dave Winer on Saturday, December 24, 2011 at 9:45 AM.

Just a few random notes for my outliner in the morning. #

1. We had the plenary for the NJFF last night, here in NY of course. We went to see Mission Impossible in the IMAX theater on Broadway and 68th St. It was a great way to kick it off. It was like a roller coaster right. Very light fare from a writing standpoint. But the images were so thrilling. I thought the scenes with Tom Cruise flying around on the tower in Dubai were going to be the climax, and horrifying -- and they were that, but the climax came later, with a missile headed for Seattle or was it San Francisco? Like I said, the writing was pretty shitty, but the movie was a fine way to start the fest. #

2. On Twitter yesterday I felt it was necessary to clear up that I was not recommending people boycott anyone at this time over SOPA. It's not law, not even close, and I have a feeling it's not going to make it through all the hurdles. This time. But they'll keep coming back. And if they ever do get a law that tries to turn the Internet into a movie theater, we'll just occupy the movie theaters. And we'll shame the actors whose lawyers it is that are trying to foreclose on the Internet the way a banker forecloses on a bad mortgage. You can't be popular with the people, Mr and Ms Hollywood Star, and support killing free expression on the net. It's an either/or thing. And we should all be looking for a little more outspoken-ness from our movie and recording stars, esp the ones who use social media.  #

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