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Last night there was a tweet-fest with this tag: #fiveWordTechHorrors.

I kept thinking of new ones. I wanted to remember all of them here.

So here they are...

And I retweeted these:

12/11/13; 11:46:22 AM

These days there's an unfortunate assumption that servers have to be for programmers only. They do not.

On the Mac in the 1990s, we had HTTP, FTP, email servers that were totally end-user. Launch the app, fill in a few blanks in a dialog, or just accept the defaults, and you've got a server.

What happened was tragic. On his return, Steve Jobs wiped the whole market out with one move, by bundling Unix servers with the OS. The message was clear. Servers are not for users.

In their defense, they might not have even known there was an ecosystem. Those were days of wiping the slate clean. Apple never really noticed the developers they had attracted. We left, shaking our heads about what could have been.

Well the art isn't lost. We still know how to do it.

12/11/13; 11:30:52 AM

A niche in net marketing that hasn't yet been filled.

I'm hanging out at the skating rink in Central Park, watching the skaters.

Take a picture, post it to Twitter. "Enjoying the view at the skating rink."

Or, if I see a sign, tweet with #wollman and get a free hot cocoa.

My location has to be attached, so they know which table to bring the cocoa to.

Easy way to encourage first-person tweeting.

This has got to be the next step, imho.

Sorry to have mentioned it.

A picture of a slice of cheese cake.

12/11/13; 11:13:19 AM

I want to be able to pay a price to reserve a domain for perpetuity.

That way we'd be able to build structures that had more longevity.

Right now everything is relatively ephemeral.

This is the kind of thing a service bureau could do.

Don't need to wait for ICANN to do it.

Or an "Internet Banker" would do (another missing construct).

12/11/13; 10:18:25 AM

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