Looking back to 2001

The new Scripting News, coming soon (I promise!) is heavily influenced by the Scripting News of 2001. I like the way this blog used to work -- before Google Reader and Twitter. It was a mix of both kinds of blog posts -- 1. Short snippets with a couple of links, or 2. An essay, like the one you're reading right now.

Things got confusing for a while (years, actually) and it wasn't clear what role blogs were supposed to play in a "real-time" world defined by Twitter and Facebook and to a lesser extent Google Reader (probably due to their lack of enthusiasm for blogging, had they loved it I think GR would have been equal to either of the other two, after all it was the FriendFeed guys who blazed the trail for Facebook, as they iterated over new ideas for RSS apps).

All I ask you to do today is go back to 2001 -- a big moment in the history of blogging. The archive page is in reverse-chronologic order, so you might want to start at the bottom and scroll up.


That's the kind of flow I am going to have again. I've been blogging in this form, off on the side, since March 2. To me it isn't theoretical that it will work, I already know it will.

And it's a modern approach, using JavaScript and CSS, and eventually will have a node.js server component to connect systems together in new ways -- the kinds of places Google would have gone if (again) they had loved Reader.

Tomorrow may be the day the switch flips. Or perhaps the day after.

Still diggin!

I'm trying to think but nothing happens!

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