The day I met her, about ten years ago, maybe a little less, I knew we'd be friends for life. We share so much. When I see her, which is not nearly often enough, it's as if we've never been apart. She cracks me up. And she falls for my pranks. We disagree about things, mostly judgements -- was this a great movie, or not so hot. She likes movies I don't. Maybe sometimes vice versa. (I actually can't think of a movie she didn't like, but once she answered, when I asked if she liked a movie, that L'il Salty liked it. He's 8 years old. A man of discerning tastes for sure, but still a boy.)

I call her Lisa Simpson, and joke with her about it, because even though she's very Santa Cruz hippie dippie, she likes messy violent movies (as Lisa likes Itchy and Scratchy). Inexplicable!

Most important we share a philosophy of life, although we express it in vastly different ways, which isn't surprising, because I have a very large body, and she has a very small one. But the spirit contained within that cute little package is as big as a million Grand Canyons. Probably bigger.

I wrote a blog post about NakedJen many years before I met her.

She also feels free to call herself a fairy. I had never met a self-professed fairy before. I made up a little poem for her about that when we rode on the Staten Island Ferry. I said she could be the First Fairy off the Ferry. Okay I guess you had to have been there.

She also loves NBA basketball, and the Knicks. How the hell did that happen!

It's funny, I knew she'd love the movie Her when I saw it, when I heard a bit of dialog between Samantha and Theodore, near the end. It was practically straight out of the NakedJen playbook. She says the heart is not like a box that fills up. It expands the more you love. I felt this idea perfectly sums up the philosophy of my very dear and lovely friend Ms Jen. Like all perfect truths it makes my heart swell and my eyes to tear.

A picture named nakedJen.jpg

I asked her yesterday if she was going to be open about being 50, and she said yes. I'm not surprised, but I had to ask. She said it's amazing that she made it this far. I know what she means. I too am amazed, and happy to know her, for she has filled my heart with love, which I feel right now as I write this, and many many times over the years. So...

Happy birthday Ms Jenny!

With much love, your best pal,


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