An excerpt from a piece that ran here on January 7.

The Snowden documents don't belong to Greenwald or the Omidyar ventures. They don't belong to Snowden. They belong to the people of the United States. We have a huge stake in what's done with them. In normal times we'd trust the government to look out for the people's interest, but this is about the government abusing that trust.

02/12/14; 06:30:13 PM

Did you see this?

Now, I'm a node newbie as you know, so I don't know if this is weird or not, but it seems weird to me, that a public resource like npm would become a company.

Do you have an opinion about this?

I'm having a blast working in node and connecting it up with stuff running in the browser. Lots of improvements in the last few days to the Fargo Publisher project (the server for Fargo 2).

It's a very nice little world. And Heroku is a total gift to a guy like me. You might find it useful too. You can deploy as many apps as you want for free, and as long as they're low volume (not sure exactly what that mean) they stay free.


02/12/14; 02:48:57 PM

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