Perfectly targeted ads

In today's podcast/blog post this line is the one that resonated most with people.

  • Perfectly targeted ads are just information.

But it's not the first time this idea has appeared on

In 2006, I wrote a piece entitled "Making money with ads? Not much longer..."

Here's the key paragraph:

  • When they finish the process of better and better targeted advertising, that's when the whole idea of advertising will go poof, will disappear. If it's perfectly targeted, it isn't advertising, it's information. Information is welcome, advertising is offensive. Who wants to pay to create information that's discarded? Who wants to pay to be a nuisance? Wouldn't it be better to pay to get the information to the people who want it? Are you afraid no one wants your information? Then maybe you'd better do some research and make a product that people actually want to know about.

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