A blog post has lasting value.

A tweet stream is more ephemeral, it can evaporate almost instantly.

Not saying that quick comments shouldn't be tweeted, but when you figure something out that's not trivial, if it has value, you're wasting it if you put it on Twitter or Facebook.

The mission of blogging is to empower all of us to go directly to each other with our expertise. So if you know something as well as anyone else, or you learn something or know something that should be shared, then you should share it on your blog.

Blogging needs your help. There's cobwebs in the blogosphere. I want to dust everything off, and start linking our stuff together, and get some developer energy flowing, and let's do some new stuff.

Blogging is a good idea. Most people aren't compelled to share their ideas, thinking, knowledge and expertise. But if you're one of them, please use the tools, or if they fall into disuse, we'll just have to invent them again. Let's keep it growing.

03/01/14; 10:45:10 PM
  1. Software is a process.

  2. It's never finished. There are always bugs to fix, features to add.

  3. Usually, when one company buys another, they buy the software, not the process.

  4. It would be more realistic to contract with a developer or group of developers the way book publishers contract with authors, or studios contract with directors. You buy N books, or movies, or albums. Then the creative person gives you what they contracted for.

  5. Don't try to hire employees to make products. You need to be able to take creative risks. It's hard to do within a corporation. By "hard to do" I mean impossible.

  6. Unlike movies, books, music -- software continually evolves. So even if the initial creator moves on, there always has to be the equivalent of a show runner that stays with the product, the kind of person who does what Vince Gilligan did on Breaking Bad, for example.

  7. I've now moved on from two products, one through acquisition and one by passing off to a new management team. Both times the product died.

  8. I'm still trying to figure this out.

03/01/14; 06:02:09 PM

A throwbackthursday picture of me as a grad student at UW-Madison in 1977 or so, programming on a Unix system, probably working on my first outliner.

A picture named daveMadison1977.jpg

There was a nice Facebook thread re this picture.

03/01/14; 10:04:32 AM

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